Thursday, April 30, 2015

April Wrap Up

I know I haven't posted for a few days there is a reason I will share later on.  Here is how my April stacked up.

1.  Farmer's Wife ---Keep working on getting the rows put together.
I didn't do a whole lot with this one this month.

2.  Grand Illusion get the blocks assembled.

I tinkered and finished a handful of these this month.  Ten finished I think there are 25 total.

3.  Slow stitching-

a.  Cross stitch I really need to focus on finishing up this tractor.
Didn't really even touch this one.

b.  Words of Wisdom Redwork--I am almost finished with O.  Maybe a stretch goal should be to get to R?

I finished O, P, and am halfway done with the Q!  Not feeling well, doing embroidery is about the only thing I can really get accomplished. 

4.  Have I mentioned I have quilting to do?

I have tried, and have had some weird tension and thread breakage problems.  So not a whole lot accomplished there.  
5.  Bag Lady blocks.  Quilt guild is next week and I haven't made my block for the swap partner yet.  Can you tell I am a bit timid about the flannel?   I need to get it done, because next week I get a new one.

Finished the one for March
And got a move on and finished the one for April
Not a bad month overall, but not a whole lot of sewing was going on either.

I started cutting out my Swoon quilt which has been on my wish list for a long time.  Two blocks done so far.
I also prepped the part for my Aurifil 2014 BOM.  I actually finished all the stitching today.

I did clean up my sewing table, clean my sewing room, and I did manage to recover my ironing board though so it isn't quite so shameful!

 We also did some yard clean up, and some planting.  Once spring hits sewing is always a wee bit hit or miss. 

These are my tomato seedlings.  I think that is a pretty good start.

I only listened to 3 books this month.  I can't listen if I am really tired or don't feel good because I cannot concentrate. 

Do you get less done once the weather starts to warm up?


  1. I love how you show all your progress and what you've been done. I've missed your blog posts...hope you're doing okay!

  2. I think you had a greatly productive month--lots of stuff going on in your sewing room for sure. Mine, not so much--but it is a mess which means I have things pulled out to try for new projects usually....your Swoon blocks are simply delightful! I would never even attempt those--just too hard for me...Hope all is going well for you and yours, hugs from a semi-warm day in SE CT Julierose

  3. you have been very busy. the grand illusion blocks are so cool.
    yes, now that the weather is warmer my grandson wants to go outside all the time now. I need to start taking my hand work out so I can get some done while he plays.

  4. you will get more done when things settle down and things get back to normal, prayers and hugs dear

  5. Lots of nice things. Sorry you've been feeling bad. Hope you get better, so you can enjoy the warmer weather.

  6. Still looks like a very productive month . The Swoon blocks look so pretty. Love the ironing board cover!


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