Thursday, April 2, 2015

Should I or Shouldn't I?

I am kind of waffling about making any goals for the month of April.  But then again they are good to have something down somewhere to hold you accountable, even if you fail miserably.

1.  Farmer's Wife ---Keep working on getting the rows put together.

2.  Grand Illusion get the blocks assembled.
3.  Slow stitching-

a.  Cross stitch I really need to focus on finishing up this tractor.

b.  Words of Wisdom Redwork--I am almost finished with O.  Maybe a stretch goal should be to get to R?

4.  Have I mentioned I have quilting to do?

5.  Bag Lady blocks.  Quilt guild is next week and I haven't made my block for the swap partner yet.  Can you tell I am a bit timid about the flannel?   I need to get it done, because next week I get a new one. 

I figure anything else I do in the month will be cake.  

I ran to the grocery store today to take soda bottles back and pick up a few things.  I ended up with several bags of groceries and walked out to the parking lot.  I knew which aisle I parked in, and that I was on the left side of a cart corral.  Walked up to my vehicle, looked at the tailgate and  thought. 

"You really need to wash this car, and look at that rust on the bumper!"

Walked up to the driver's side door to open it, put my key in and nothing. Thought to myself, I know I locked it because I left my ipod on the seat.  The key turned in the lock but nothing, so I tried the handle and the alarm went off.  All I could think of is if there is something stupid this week that will happen that involves one of our vehicles and me it will.  Just my luck the alarm has finally decided to engage after 3 years.  Went back to the back of the vehicle, looked at the license plate....yep there is the C and the J and wait that is not an S that is a really nasty dirty B that looks like an S.  OMG this is not my car.  I backed up looked up the  parking lot.  Yep there is my car about 6 more spaces away, on the left side of the cart corral.  The 2nd cart corral.  SMH and laughing.  Tickled a couple of elderly ladies when I told them what I did.  Hope you get a chuckle too!

Enjoy April, and at least the weather is warming up. Oh and I may have to have a give away soon.  I am almost to 400 posts! 


  1. I love the black and white for a bag! I have given up setting goals while I am working - LOL

  2. I have what I call "soft goals". they are a guide to keep my on some kind of progress track but if I break them, oh well. onto the next months list LOL
    funny about the car. My hubs one time got into the wrong car. I was waiting in the car two spaces down for him to come out. too too funny! I am sure the person in the other car didnt think so.

  3. Hahaha, I've totally done that wrong car thing way more times than I care to admit! I make no goals, but I should.

  4. Oh funny--I just did that about two months ago--when it was icey underfoot and all the cars were laden with snow (excuses, excuses!!) and the door of that car had been left unlocked--I said to myself--"Gosh Girl you have to remember to lock up" then when I tried putting the key in and really looked at the stuff on the passenger side seat--I realized--ACK not my car!! Luckily the owner wasn't around, huh???
    Never mind goals--just one day at a time (or car hahaha) for me...hugs, Julierose

  5. I did the same thing, years ago, with my Honda. The key opened the door, and, when I got in, I couldn't figure out why the car was such a mess. My car was parked 2 rows back. I've always wondered if my key would have started their car? Hmmm....

  6. Ha..... I do things like that all the time - so funny to laugh at later.


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