Sunday, April 12, 2015

Gorgeous Weekends

The weather this weekend in these parts was gorgeous.  Weather like this makes my heart sing. 

Friday did not start out that way, high winds, torrential rain, and was really not fun considering I had a charter which ran into early Saturday morning--do you know how bad a school bus can fog up with a load of people and torrential rain?  But when I awoke it was gorgeous outside. 

DH decided that we needed to clean up the flower beds.  Last year when it was time we were both working a lot of overtime so it was not done really well.  This is only a small part of the leaves which were raked out of the flower beds.  Two trailer loads full of leaves, and yard debris!

It was great though, it is hard to see but my Anise Hyssop plant is coming back!  There were some other things starting to poke their leaves above the ground too. 

Unfortunately our day was short because I slept in so late since I didn't get home until 3:30 am Saturday morning.  I am much too old to be out that late!  

I did manage to get my bag lady block cut and finished and ready to return.  Better than waiting until the last minute like last month!

I like the colors, but am not too sure about the fabrics, they kind of felt stretchy almost like they may have had some polyester in them. 

Sunday--Today we picked up some yard debris from last year, sticks, some of the foundation wall which had skimmed off years ago, created a new planting bed, and planted an azalea, then headed off to town to take the MIL out for her birthday dinner.  We had Lebanese which is yummy, and the frozen custard stand is open so the first swirl cone of the season!

I had some time to sew and worked on the Grand Illusion I made 2 blocks so I have 5 done so far.
Then I decided to cut out another block for my newest quilt.  I have 2 complete blocks cut out and at least seven more to cut but I am not too sure of some of my fabric choices, still wavering.  I did start sewing on one of the blocks I cut out though. 

All the block units sewn and squared up.  Just waiting to be put together. 

OK I know forget about my little sewing escapades and yard clean up, I know you are visiting for the give away.  Since I did not have my cute little scientific helper I had to figure out a different way. 

I had 15 people leave comments which I put on a spreadsheet.

Input the range in the random number generator.
And hit go.  The generator chose number 12 which is Kris from Kris Loves Fabric.  I have sent her an e-mail to see which prize is her choice. 

Thank you everyone for sticking with me, reading my posts, encouraging me, and offering up prayers during times when life gets tough and tears are plenty.  I appreciate each and every one of you. 


  1. My flower beds did not get cleaned out fast enough and my flowers are already poking their heads out and blooming.

  2. great minds think alike. that is what I was doing this weekend too. planted over 48 gladiolus bulbs and 3 more lillies. found out my hummer feeder is leaking. bummer. gotta replace that. thought it was going down rather quick!
    congrats to Kris!

  3. It looks like a lot of great progress! I need to give my yard some attention soon...

  4. I'd like to hire you and DH to come and clean my yard! VBG! The weekend prior, my DH and I cut down our rose hedge. It took 2.5 hours and my back was aching for days. Oy Vey!

  5. Great yard work...Lucky girl... We got 6 inches of snow on friday at hit 70 degrees on sunday. Gotta love the U.P.

  6. You are so generous, my friend..thank you :) Love to read your posts and see what you are up to. We did a lot of flower bed stuff this weekend too, then my husband had to move the glad that went well, whew!!

  7. We/I cleaned up the yard a week or so ago....BIG job ! Love your bag lady block and kudo's on the GIM blocks....when your finished you'll love it ! What r u making with the geese and hst ?

  8. We've been working in our backyard to fix it up. Actually, we have some guys doing it because I'm too old to use a sod cutter and carry out tons of dirt and grass! Love the bag lady block!

  9. We just started our lawn cleanup this morning. Raking and leaf blowing. Planning to enlarge our front border so i can plant an herb garden this year...DH will dig for me--such a sweetie! It is still coolish here con the coast and GRAY again!! ugh!!
    Hugs, Julierose

  10. Didn't it feel great to get back in the yard! Though our sewing suffers...the fresh air is wonderful!

  11. Glad you finally getting some good weather

  12. I hate yardwork, so, only the bare minimum gets done around here. We had a gust front come thru on Friday afternoon, and it knocked down part of our fence. Not fun, but, better than the tornado's that hit close to hear the night before.

  13. Another busy weekend for you then. Glad your weather is improving and spring has arrived.


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