Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Slacking or Lacking

Wow March is over and it is actually April Fool's Day and I have not blogged for about a week again.  I wonder if I am just slacking and being lazy, or maybe I am lacking any real drive to get a whole lot accomplished.

What did I manage in March, except for a really ugly flu bug, then a head/chest cold?

I did manage to read or listen to 7 books.

1.  One of the high on the list tasks is to sew up a test block for my guilds bag lady group.  I chose a block, now I need to shop the stash and figure out what fabrics I want my quilt made out of.

I made my block, and in person I love it, pictures just don't seem to do it justice. 

2. Farmer's Wife quilt-  Keep sashing and making corner stones.  I ordered some fabric for the setting squares which should be here in a couple of days.  They didn't have enough, but I will wait until more comes in and order some more and pray the dye lots are close.

I got this much put together.

I even fixed my wonky basket block! 

3. Grand Illusion step 3 I keep cutting, trimming and sewing and don't seem to be making a whole lot of progress, but maybe it is because I have been using a lot of scraps in it too.  I finished step 3, 4, and 5 and am working on putting the blocks together.

I have 2 done so far, only 23 more to go! 

4.  Quilt Group Blocks-  They are starting a new project this year, but I don't think I will join.  I have a lot of things to work on finishing up.  I think I have several more blocks to make to have all of the blocks made, and 5 more connector blocks to be ready to sew it together.
Have not made a one! 

5.  Quilting-  I have my basket case quilt, and my charity quilt for the guild to work on.

 I worked a wee bit on my quilting on the basket case quilt but have started to have some tension challenges.  The needle clamp actually loosened during quilting the the needle fell out, and since then it has been a fight.

You can see where my stitches started skipping before I realized it.  I am just not ready to stand and pick out that many stitches for the 2nd time today.  Grrrr.

6.  My slow stitching is still my words of wisdom blocks, and my tractor cross stitch.

Words of Wisdom I finished the letter N.
And started working on the O.
And a little tractor work.

7.  Yellow brick road I would love to get finished at least the blocks and it put together.
8.  Drunkard's Path I love the simplicity of the block just need to settle down a bit.
9.  Aurifil BOM for 2014 I need to get the blocks prepped for the setting.

Seven,eight, and nine I did not even touch. 

10.  I think I need to do something new but can't quite figure out what yet.  Sometimes something fresh helps your spirit.   This one I did do. 

I made this up for the youngest daughter and her family since her significant other prides himself on being Irish.  Unfortunately I came down with the flu and this is as far as I got.  Needs a back and some batting and to be quilted. 

I did square up a ton of HST and cut some squares to play with.

Oh and did I mention that the dining room wainscoting and moulding was at least finished.  Now for some primer and painting and it will be an almost done room except for the floor being refinished.

I think I did alright, but definitely my get up and go has got up and went.  Maybe the warmer weather, and the hope of sunshiney days will get me going. 


  1. yes it has been a dreary tough winter. the sunshine always helps to give me energy lots of nice projects being done at your place.

  2. Everything your working on is so pretty, one of these days your going to turn around and have a whole bunch of completed quilts !

  3. I think you have made a whole lot of progress in March! I, on the other hand, am definitely the turtle in this race! hahaha...slow
    slower and me, slowest! I wish it would be SPRING--so cold here still!! Maybe my brain is frozen too...hugs, Julierose

  4. Looks like lots of stuff happening to me :) Everyone needs a blog break sometimes, I haven't posted for awhile either!

  5. Lots done. Sorry about the tension and needle problem. That is never fun.

  6. In spite of feeling low, it still looks like a whole lot got done. Hope April is a much better month for weather and mojo!


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