Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Lament of the Yellow Brick Road

Six months ago I wrote a blurb in a post about an ancient yellow brick road quilt that I was working on.  You can read it again here.

Nancy at Pug Mom quilts sent me some directions about the Yellow Brick Road that she and her posse use--I think they are the queens of the Yellow Brick Road quilt.  Those girls make Yellow Brick Road quilts in their sleep and they are all so gorgeous! 

Since my ironing board, and sewing room are all cleaned, I could lay out the blocks and do a rough count.  I am way off for having enough blocks!

Even with the sections I have cut to make more blocks I am going to be way short.
This is what I have left after shopping my stash.  I may have a yellow polka dot too, but I am seriously in need of more fabrics.

So I decided to do a stash enhancement.  Now my question.

Do you think I should take the blocks apart and resew them so that I have more variety?


  1. No need to resew the ones you've already made. Just make some new ones and mix them in. Glad you're finally working on this!
    Pugs and kisses,
    P.S. Thanks for the shout out!

  2. Unsewing is definitely not a favorite of mine. I just had to un-sew a whole row of my Stars quilt. I think I would sew a few with the new fabrics you have picked out, very pretty blues and yellows, then lay them out with the blocks you have already sewn and see how they "mix".

  3. no unsewing. take new ones and mix them in. it should look fabulous. love the colors. and I got my mail yesterday with a little surprise from a friend. thank you so so much. you didnt have to do that. I have been drooling all over it since I opened the package! I see some fun sewing in my future. thanks!

  4. Unsewing??? No way Jose!! Just mix them in with new ones--I think that will work just great! this will be very pretty with blues and yellows...hugs, Julierose

  5. I have never made one, will be watching to see how it goes

  6. Stash enhancement is a great phrase !

  7. How big are you wanting to make this quilt? You could always add in either some green or white, but I'm a personal fan of blue and yellow!

  8. Stash enhancement is a MUST. My YBR is still in the box, in the basement (where it's been for several years). One of these days......

  9. Unsew - yeah... nah - don't do it - it is so not our favourite activity. Sew more and add them in and it will all work out perfect!


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