Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Already?

I can't believe that it is Friday, it has been a busy spring break!  I got a call to run a charter Friday night and thought what the heck, a little extra money never hurts.

Wednesday I was supposed to run to the Post Office, which I did, and to the township hall to pay the water bill.  I cut one block for my new quilt that I showed the sneak preview of the fabrics I chose here

I also cut out all of the background pieces which is different for me. 

I then decided that I needed to really recover my ironing board.  It was a shambles, the cover all scorched, torn, dirty and I had just enough of the fabric that I had used to cover it before if I pieced it to make it work again.  So I cleaned off the ironing board and took it into the living room so that I could recover it.  Much to my chagrin I could not find the staple gun.  So my sewing, and everything else kind of came to an abrupt halt because no ironing board, stuff stacked all over the cutting table, and sewing machine table not to mention the chair. 

DH came home and retrieved the staple gun, it had been on the stairwell heading to the basement but he had taken it to the barn and not returned it to its home. 

See my old ugly ironing board?  It is heavy, but it is sturdy.  The ironing board being out of the room,  I had no choice but to clean up the floor underneath it. Once it was all recovered I decided I needed to fold up my fabrics from my stash shopping spree.

Do you ever acquire fabric for a quilt, but when you start to choose the fabrics you end up pulling out lots of them and setting them aside because it is just not the look that you want?

I cleaned up all of my patterns which were spread all over my cutting board, and managed to wrangle all of the scraps on my cutting board into a large plastic shoe box.

I did manage to figure out how to enlarge my pattern for the 2014 Aurifil BOM which I want to finish up.
I was thinking it needed to be enlarged 400% but it was only 200% so I have the embroidery portion at least ready to go.
I worked a bit on my 'P' for the Words of Wisdom.

Thursday I actually had the opportunity to take a course offered by one of the presenters for quilt guild.  Teri Henderson Tope or Material Girl Designs and author of Applique in Reverse taught a class on reverse applique. 

It was a fun course, and would be extremely relaxing to work on while watching TV.  Teri was a fun teacher and also did  great job with a presentation about what it takes to get into the "quilt" business, and she has some gorgeous quilts which she shared during the guild meeting. 

I volunteered to make a block for our guild raffle quilt. 

While I didn't get a lot accomplished the last few days, it is nice having my sewing room cleaned up and will be nice to have a nice space to work in again. 


  1. Your ironing board looks great, was that a cheater fabric or did you make all of those pinwheels?

  2. Great job on your Spring cleaning! Perky little ironing board cover...I almost always find that when I pull all the fabrics for a quilt the ones I BOUGHT especially for it--just don't seem right!! (And folks, this is how Le Stash grows!!lol)..hugs, hope you have a happy weekend Julierose

  3. A 'Kick-ass' it....

  4. Oh I too absotuley LOVE your cover!! (I need to do this too..yikes!)

  5. Is that cheater fabric on the ironing board? It's great!!!!


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