Monday, April 13, 2015

But I Had Plans....

First day back to work after a 10 day spring break.  I had plans for the day. 

I was going to start my tomato seeds, shop for sunflowers, and corn, embroider a little, sew a little, and make a new seating chart. 

What I was asked to do was rewrite my route sheet with all the turns, addresses, house descriptions.  The one I had done originally they had misplaced.  I worked on it, looked up and realized it was after 1 pm and I needed to eat.  My plans had went right out the window and down the road with the rough and blustery weather that had made an appearance. 

When I got home my stash enhancement had arrived!
My solids which I was considering for my new project I have been working on.

Half yard cuts of various blues.  There are a couple which are leaning more toward a teal which I will probably not use but the rest will work really well.

Half yard cuts of various yellows, and yellow golds, as well as a small gift with purchase with a fat 1/8th of yellow too!

I also purchased myself a new Olfa Splash rotary cutter.  I love the splash it is comfortable to  use for long periods of time. 

After dinner I did go and hide in my sewing room and did a little bit of sewing.

I finished this much, no the block is not sewn together yet, just units. 

Maybe tomorrow I will get more done. 


  1. Great fabrics! I've been gazing at that Splash cutter, too. i hate changing blades--somehow i always get slashed!! Ugh Hope you get to "la machine" today hugs, Julierose

  2. I so dislike when my hard work gets "misplaced." At least you had that little package of sweetness to make you feel better. I almost bought the purple rotary cutter the other day just because it was purple. I still might have to get me one!

  3. Love the fabric, makes me want to order some, hugs

  4. Don't you LOVE the smell of new fabric !!

  5. What a shame they lost it - bet you'll keep your own copy now as well - aren't new fabric lovely to look at and stroke! Ha!

  6. I love all your new fabric purchases! What a pain to have to write out all that information about your route. I am sure you made a couple of copies of that when your were done! I hope you have more time to sew soon.

  7. The last picture on the left side, at first I thought it was a puppy, could so easily be a puppy block!


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