Sunday, April 19, 2015

Weeks Speeding By

It is early Sunday morning, and I look around and wonder what the heck happened to this past week?  I haven't read many blogs, my e-mail is edging toward the 500's mark, my laundry is not folded, and I have a pile of dishes in my sink.

Nice weather is here!  My flowers are blooming, and my perennials are starting to fill in the beds!
The rhubarb is taking off!  These are the results of DH tilling disaster last year after I had planted the rhubarb tubers.  They were cut into pieces and I have several rhubarb plants now! 

OK it is not easy to see but my little orchard has grown by 1 1/2 times it's size.  I planted 2 cherry trees, 2 pear trees, and 2 peach trees! 

Sorry for the blurry picture but trying to get a picture of the girls can be a challenge at times.  They are thrilled for the nice weather.  They love the sun! 
I planted tomato seeds.  These are a specialized tomato seed like a Roma, since last year the tomatoes marked at the nursery were marked Roma which I had purchased 20, were more like those grape tomatoes, and tiny pear tomatoes.  Not conducive to making soup, and sauce.   The bigger containers are seeds from a tiger lily like flower that I collected last year.  I think I am a little late for starting my seedlings, they should have been started a couple of weeks ago. 

This is the extent of my sewing last week.  One block, a swoon block!

DH has been looking for a truck.  He has been looking on Craigslist.  Now this is Michigan, and they use salt on the roads and most vehicles end up being eaten by the rust, so looking for an older vehicle which does not look like a dinosaur has been nibbling at the soft underbody of the truck is like finding a needle in a haystack.  We drove to Holly yesterday which is about 80 miles North of where we live to look at a truck.  My deal we go look at a truck, I would like to go to a quilt shop nearby.  

The truck was a bust, but The Quilter's Garden in Fenton was wonderful.  I didn't even think about taking pictures, but what a shop!  Their online presence is small , but their shop, if you ever have an opportunity to visit is well worth the trip!   There were quilts, baskets, wool, lots of batiks, fat quarters, kits, great shop samples everywhere you looked and the staff were very friendly.  Of course I had to help the local economy!

I will definitely make a trip back in the near future!

This is just a small part of my week.  One of the fun parts of my week though was that I won!  At quilt guild the week before several of the ladies were selling raffle tickets for the Frenchtown Senior Center's quilt raffle.  I purchased 2 tickets to help support their fund raising efforts.  

Isn't it cute?  It is a generous lap size quilt. 

In the mail yesterday was a sweet package! 

Chicken fabric, a sweet pincushion with a bee, and some lovely long pins, and school bus yellow Kona!  Thank you so much Kris from Kris Loves Fabric!  Bloggy friends are the best!

I have laundry to wash, and fold, dishes to wash, and it looks like I may end up doing more yard work if the sunshine holds.  Do you ever have weeks when you wonder where did the time go? 


  1. My daffodils died with all of htis crazy weather.

  2. Finally my daffies are blooming! My darlin' DH dug out a spot for my herbs this morning--needless to say he is a bit creaky from it. So, i made him a nice chicken/rice casserole for his dinner. yumsers!! I haven't done a whole lot lately either; after the tummy bug came and went (!!) I have been tired. Hopefully this week I will do better. hugs, love "les girls" --so fluffy and cute. Julierose

  3. Hope he finds a truck. Live your fabric you bought and your win and love swoon blocks, hugs

  4. Love that quilt you won. As for dishes and laundry, they don't count, since as soon as you finish either of them, there is something else to wash.

  5. Checking out the other blogs is sometimes a challenge for me when I'm trying to sew a project, but since I don't have a huge garden (just a few plants) I'm not sure where my time is going. Beautiful Swoon block!

  6. Yes, I wonder where weeks, days, months, years, minutes... should I go on. LOL Time does seem to fly the older I get.
    I just planted tomato seeds straight in the garden this year. I did it last year and they seem to do better than doing them in the little pots first.
    Loving your soon block.
    Congrats! on your win. That is so cool to win a quilt.

  7. Time seems to speed up as we get older. I do not understand how though. Your ladies are looking good! Congratulations on winning that cute quilt! Lots more fabric goodness there. Very pretty block, it looks like Summer or Lemonade!

  8. I totally understand the craziness and not getting things done we are slowly getting caught up here. Riding the motorcycle seems to get precedence. There is a load in the dryer that has been waiting for two days. There is always tomorrow!!!

  9. time waits for no man. and boy is that saying true! seems like time is a flying here too with little to show for it. I have been in the garden checking things out. the back garden last year had the tree issue so we didnt really get to see what was in there. I planted 56 daffodil bulbs on faith that I didnt plant over something else las Fall. I have one in bloom so far and many coming up. I cant wait to see color back there!

  10. It`s nice seeing your Spring flowers and your gardens. The days do speed by don`t they? Great Swoon block.

  11. Maybe you only got 1 block pieced this week but it is a very pretty one!

  12. Glad to hear Spring is coming to your area. We still hjave snow banks in the back yard. Love the swoon block and your fabrics are wonderful!


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