Saturday, February 2, 2013

Happy Groundhog's Day

Wow it is early afternoon already.  It is snowing, and HH is off with his Bestie to Menards, the little boys are at their father's and it is eerily quiet right at this moment.  I was sewing a bit and decided to take a break before the final round of my Easy Street Quilt.  I am doing the final big block which I need to make 9.  1 is completed, and the other 8 are all sewn into rows, and pressed waiting to be nestled together and sewn.

Thearica over at Pigtales and Quilts is having a It's Saturday Sharing Day

One of the blogs I read frequently is Woolie Mammoth and she had a post about her sewing area, which had me literally in tears.  What I realized is that many bloggers/quilters have 'spaces' and all with different names.  Woolie Mammoth calls her space The Command Center and has a definition for it's different states.   Come on check it out you know you want to!

My DH calls mine the sweat shop which I just abhor it takes all the joy out of the area.  Some people call their area the design studio (much too professional for little ole me), the sewing room, there are a couple of ladies that blog that call it the sweat shop, one calls her's the ivory tower because it is upstairs.  Amy over at A Quilted Sheep has a link to show her work area it is to die for!  So I thought I would show you my room.

 Please forgive my mess.  I did a death march to get 4 quilts completed in January to give to my grand daughters when I went to Oregon

 This is my cutting table, and my cork-board.  Those two boxes on the shelves underneath are full of scraps which need to be managed.  The boxed on the table are ones which have been trimmed or pressed and my quilting books.  

Just Monday the table looked like this.  With all my treasures I brought home after shopping, going through my mother's and sister's scrap stash (we will save that show and tell  for another day).

My sewing table.  Yes there are actually 4 sewing machines in view right there.  I am currently sewing with Rita my featherweight.  LOL  Again we will save that for another time.  Underneath extra foot pedals, power cords, my batik strips I exchange with some wonderful ladies at the Batik Strip Swap at My Quilt Place.  You can see my Easy Street strips all laid out waiting to be sewn into blocks.

My pressing area, yes, you see a huge bin of fabric there, it is the dregs of my sewing days when my girls were small.  And another sewing machine.  All that fabric on the floor is from my 4 quilt extravaganza last month.

My closet full of my stash, and batting, not including the roll leaning against the door.  No that is not another sewing machine in the top of the closet, just a case.

Another stash holder, as well as some of my cross stitch, knitting and quilting books.

 Where part of my UFO's are hiding, my patterns, and yes you see another sewing machine down there, and I will just fess up on the floor is yet another.  The sewing machine on the floor is named Marilyn, the one on the box is going to get fixed and sent to my mother and sister to share in Oregon. 

Some more of my UFO and yes there are 3 machines there too!

And finally the space the DH gave me in the living room for evening when I want to sew and he wants to be near me. 

Now you have seen my space.  Currently it is the pig sty but I am swinging toward my playroom and home sweet home.

Have an excellent Saturday, stay warm, dry and safe!



Cindy said...

Your quilting space made me smile because it looks just like mine! I tidy it up once in a while but being creative is messy!

kathyinozarks said...

I enjoyed the tour of your room-I call mine my craft room-cause there is everything imaginable in there lol

carla said...

Hi!!! Thanks for showing us your room!! I like playroom!!! Fun room maybe!!! I just have a play or fun spot!!! Not a room!! Boo hoo!!! But I do have fun in my little spot!! I would love that much wonderful fabric!!!!

Thearica said...

Hi Collette... You have tons of stash!! wow! and love those machines! That red one makes me jealous! :)

The long unclickable link you added in your post for the linky party is for the button for your sidebar.

Please go to my blog and click on the title of my post where the linky party is. Highlight and copy the url address in the bar...

Then come back and highlight my blogs name where you have it typed and choose Link up in your editor... and put the link there and click submit. Then my blog name will be linked to the post.

You did this down in one of your posts where you linked the words Passion For Applique. Do my blog name and the title of the linky party post on my blog the same way.

You would have to put your post editor in to HTML mode to use the long link that you have put in the post to make the photo of the button show up as a linkable image in your post... You did it right on the sidebar. You had to use an HTML gadget for that.

Hope I have not confused you.

Thanks for linking up! :)

DeAnna S. said...

Great room and you have a window that you can look out of when sewing. Love all your machines, especially the featherweights. Mine is named Monica. And yes, creating can be messy but that's okay! Thanks for sharing.

Carrie P. said...

great place. Do I see snow out the window? That red sewing machine is so neat. You sure do have a lot of sewing machines.

Colette McDonald said...

I will tidy it up when I finish my Easy Street Quilt, and my gigantor box from Oregon arrives. It is full of scraps from my mother, sister, and aunt's mother who passed away a few years ago. I ended up with 34lbs of fabric to send back. I went through 21 big totes, decided there was some that was just too ugly to keep and so it is going to get donated. My mother and sister have had it for at least 5 years. I make scrap quilts they tend to make very well planned quilts.

Colette McDonald said...

I think it should be called the play room. It was the little boys playroom at one time until we moved them into the old parlor and cleaned, painted it for me.

Colette McDonald said...

It was once the playroom for the little boys until they were moved to the front parlor and it was made into my area.

Colette McDonald said...

Thearica I think I fixed it now. Thanks for the instructions. I have quite the stash which I need to start using. The red machine is just the head right now, she was found at a barn sale, all corroded, seized, most of the paint was gone. My DH has been working on it, and we have been slowly working on her to get her all up and running again. Her name is Scarlett. Soon I will post about my machines.

Colette McDonald said...

Thanks DeAnna I have two windows actually that I can look out of when I sew. Rita is the one I was sewing with and the red one is Scarlett she was a barn find, totally corroded, and seized. DH has stripped it and found a mentor fixing the machine. I can't wait until she is done.

Colette McDonald said...

Carrie yes we have been blessed with snow which makes it really nice to not feel guilty sitting inside and sewing all day. I will tell the stories about my machines soon, they are all recent acquisitions.

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

Cool red machine! I don't think I've ever seen one before. I can't quilt without making a huge mess... but I can only go about 2 weeks and then I can't take it anymore so put every thing away and start the cycle over. lol

Kathleen said...

This is the way a sewing area is suppose to be. How are you suppose to be creative is color ( for me color is stimulating) is missing in your work area? XX Kathleen