Saturday, June 29, 2013

He Thinks My Tractor's Sexy---Well Cute at least

I did not succumb to temptation and continued to work on my barn blocks.  This is block 2 for the Barns with Silo.  I loved the chicken feet block.  Amazing some of the yummy fabrics you can find in your stash.

The next block in the series was the tractor block.  I saw this yummy fabric made into the tractor block from Bee in My Bonnet.  Lori Holt had taught at a retreat at The Quilt Barn which looks like a super cute quilt store in Kimberly, Idaho. They also have an Etsy shop and you can purchase the Tractor Kits there for $5.00, unless they are sold out.

Here is my super cute tractor.

What an appropriate block. DH restores antique John Deere tractors so he will be thrilled with this block. 

I have one more Barn block and I will be all caught up. 

What are stitching on this beautiful Saturday?


  1. I'm not doing any stitching today, instead I'm helping a friend move!

    1. Don't work to hard, but what a great friend to help them move. You can tell who your friends are by who helps when it is time to move.


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