Friday, June 14, 2013

Finds, Rearranging, and UFO's!

Did I mention that my DH works for a municipality?  Anyway there is a "garbage pit" where residents bring things to dump into a huge dumpster.  These could be things found in houses during clean outs after repossessions, discards from yard and estate sales, and business discards.

What has he brought home?

Several wooden ladders.

The bottom ladder is my favorite.  It actually folds into 4 pieces.  I want to finish them, but am unsure what to do exactly to finish, but keep the weathered look.  I want to use these to hang my quilts.

 A pair of wire ice cream parlor chairs.  I want to use them in the sun room but am looking for the perfect table to put out there too.

This nifty rack which I use to stage strips on blocks I am working on.

The latest find was this set of plastic drawer/bins.

One has a crack but I think that I can manage and maybe get control of my UFO's and kits.

So I tackled my sewing room which now looks like a whirlwind went through it.  So I could make room to put the bins in the room, and rearrange. 

I have a Stars over Bali BOM which I have never worked on.  I love Bali batiks so I will most definitely work on this one. 

I have all the blocks made from this BOM from a store called Ben Franklin Crafts which later became Craft Warehouse.  I have all the sashing, and corner stone pattern and fabrics too.  Most definitely a UFO which needs to be completed.

Sorry for the terrible picture.  Another BOM from Craft Warehouse I have 4 of the blocks completed.  I love them.

So country and so me.  I definitely need to finish this one.

I have a McKenna Ryan pattern and kit with Chickadees that I have never touched.

And this yummy pumpkin applique row quilt which I had as a BOM.   I hadn't done applique before so I was very reticent to start it. 
I also found this 3 inch square drunkards path acrylic template set. I want to make a drunkards path in red and white.

An Apple core template and fabric

And this super cute embroidery pattern from bare roots which I have had for years.

I also found a huge bag of bali batiks that I have set aside for a wheel of mystery quilt, and 3 different sizes of acrylic templates, and a big stack of fabric that I had dug out to start a Hexie quilt. 

At this point in time I need to clean my bins, figure out how to contain the projects.  What was I thinking.  Doing all of this in the middle of making a Father's Day gift for my super cute, sweet DH?  One set of bins cleaned, and 3 more to go. 

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