Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all.  I hope everyone had a wonderful day.  DH and I spent the day being just kind of lazy.  Grocery store run, a couple of movies, a nap, some cooking.

DH made breakfast, he doesn't like my eggs.  He made lunch, 1904 hot dogs, and dinner.  What did I do?  I made sweet cheese filling for pierogis.  Sweet cheese is made of farmer's cheese.  I found farmer's cheese at a local market, but they only sell it in 3 lb packages.  Which means I have a lot of sweet cheese.  It will hold for a few days luckily.  So I hunted for a recipe for pierogi dough.  I read that the best dough does not use eggs, but does use hot milk and water.  I finally found a recipe so I made it for a test run. 

My result:
DH says they are good so I can now be an honorary Pollock.  Not bad for a little Native American, Italian, Hispanic girl from the west coast.  :D

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