Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Getting Into the Groove

I started back to work the middle of May.  I like what I am doing...always something new, part time, new place every day.  Downside?  Crazy hours at times, early mornings, late nights, and some weekends.

I am starting to kind of get my feet under me, but there are days where I am just kind of wiped out and I just want to sleep.  OK maybe just a short nap. 

On my days off I manage to keep them filled with gardening, housework, and just a little "me" time for sewing.  Yesterday was one of those day.

I will share a wee bit of what I sewed.  I am all ready for my day when I am participating in the "Put a Stamp On It" blog hop.

Why is it small projects I have the worst time with a binding, but big projects not a problem?  Oh well I love the colors and it just makes me smile to see it. 

After I finished this and cleaned up my messy room.  I finished the laundry, and tackled the rest of my pierogi making.

I am either going to have to learn to make farmer's cheese for the next time because.

3 lbs farmer's cheese to make sweet cheese, require  5 batches of pierogi dough, and makes 12 dozen pierogi.  What I am going to do with 12 dozen sweet cheese pierogies?  My dad and mom called and said I could ship some to Oregon for them.  :)

But I do have the pierogi making bug now.  We used to get our pierogis after St. Stan's Festival in Wyandotte was finished.   They would sell the remaining pierogis in bags of a dozen.  Last year we got a dozen sweet cheese, potato, and "taco" which believe it or not were really good.  Unfortunately, after a 45+ year run, they decided to not continue the festival which is truly a shame, and from what I understand the parish will be absorbed into one of the other parishes within Wyandotte.   While I am not Catholic it was a wonderful small festival with great food, and entertainment, and I was truly sad to hear that it ended.

If they make taco pierogi, I was thinking what about a Reuben pierogi, or spinach and cheese, a Hawaiian with bacon, ham, cheese and pineapple.  Hmmm the possibilities are endless.

Happy Wednesday everyone!   

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