Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Waiting Game

Happy Tuesday and welcome to the world Pablo!  Finally you made an appearance.  I am waiting to see pictures of you and hear more details than that you tipped the scales at 10 lbs 4 oz.

Living far away from your family is very difficult at times.  My baby brother and his gorgeous wife had a baby boy today.  Finally!  We have been waiting for baby Pablo to make an appearance.  I received a call from my mother at 11:00 am my time that he was here and how much he weighed, but they did not have a any further information.  So while I was waiting. 

I finished a project for the "Put a Stamp On It" blog hop which runs from June 26 thru July 3.  July 3rd is my day!  I am so excited.  I jumped into the deep end of the pool and decided to join.  

I then wandered out to my garden and I had these.

My little strawberry patchling? patchette? which is made up of 3 plants grew these.  Aren't they yummy looking.  I had ordered plants last year, but the weather was so yucky that I could not get them into the ground fast enough, and so they died.  The three plants that I had were from my MIL.  She has a bunch of them growing along her garage and she wanted them cleaned back to within a bricked in planting bed.  It needs to be done again this year so I will do it again and add to my strawberry patch. 

I needed to work on machine quilting, and another project I have planned and I got distracted.  Does that ever happen to you?  I got distracted watching a TV show called Copper.  I found it on Netflix it is aired on BBC America.  Why is it that BBC America seems to have some of the best shows lately? 

Once I decided to get going I started making some Dresden Plate fans.  I had to watch a tutorial on how to make them first.  Thank goodness for YouTube, and Missouri Star Quilts!   I weeded through my stash.

Yeah my cutting area needs to be straightened.  Paper piecing, selvedges, and life has gotten out of hand.  I work tomorrow a double shift, but then I am off until next Monday so I will make sure I take time to straighten up.  See my little Dresden Plate blades?  Well I got them all sewn and realized that I kind of did an uh oh.

See that 5th blade from the right?  Yeah it is sewn inside out.  Oh well that is what the ripper is for.  I am feeling really distracted today.  I want to make a drunkard's path quilt and I know that I have a acrylic template that I purchased years ago which I would like to use.  I also have a special sewing machine quilt which is supposed to help do curves without pinning that I am itching to use. 

Have a great evening. 

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