Thursday, June 13, 2013

Have You Ever??????

Good Thursday morning!  Can you believe this week is almost over, and it is almost the 15th.  On the 15th "The Finn" gets to eat some solid food, well rice cereal. 

Also it is Father's Day weekend.  I don't know if you have this conundrum or not around your home, but what do you do on Father's Day when all the kids are grown up?  Technically they are still dads, and  grandfather's but then the daughters marry or have significant others and maybe those dad's want to do something else so it is not always easy to get everyone together on the same page to do something.

Anyway I wanted to make something for my DH for Father's Day which was quilty.  I decided I wanted to make a mug rug for him to replace the mesh canvas ones that his momma made him.

While they are extremely cute they are a hot mess as my boys call them.  DH nurses coffee all evening long, and the coasters are kind of the worse for wear so I thought I would make a mug rug, something bigger, that can get thrown into the washer when I can no longer stand it.  (Wow don't misunderstand me I love the canvas needlepoint ones) .

OK so I need to pull my foot out of my mouth and move on.  Anyway I stopped at Joann's yesterday on my way home from work, and bought some goodies.

Some fabric which I think will go well with what I have pulled out of my stash, some sulky thread for quilting, more safety pins for pin you think you have too many UFO's if you need to buy more pins to pin baste another quilt?  Printed treasures printer fabric.  I read a lot of reviews and it seems that this is the one that holds up the best and at 50% off it wasn't too expensive for 5 sheets. 

So my question is have you ever used this to add into a quilt?  Any tips or hints? 

DH is a John Deere tractor fan.  In fact I indulge his passion by going to the tractor shows with him, there was one just this past weekend. (He indulges mine by going to quilt shows with me.) He actually likes to find the antique tractors and restore them back to original.  He has finished 3, and has two more in the works in the barn, and a donor tractor carcass.  Hence the barn!  This is a picture of one of the tractors he restored.  I think it is a John Deere 1936 B Unstyled.

DH with his daddy many years ago after he finished his tractor.  DH no longer owns this tractor, I am not too sure if this is the one he donated to a church or the one he sold for his oldest daughter's wedding, and his daddy passed away years ago long before I ever came along.  The picture is fading, the frame was cheap and the glass has been broken on it.....which gives me a wonderful idea!  Anyway I was thinking of taking this picture and touching it up and printing it for my mug rug.  Hmmm I want this to be a surprise and technically I have only 2 days so I need to get stitching. 

What are your plans for Father's Day? 

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  1. I bet The Finn is excited about the promise of eating food! He's a cutie pie! That's a great picture of your DH and his Dad - it would make an excellent mug rug for him!!! I have used the Printed Treasures for a memory quilt for my granddaughter and it worked great. Just print your picture on plain paper until you have it right, then print it on the PT. When it's dry, you can iron it to seal in the color!


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