Friday, June 7, 2013

A Week Without Quilting Makes a Grumpy Girl

I have been so uber busy I barely have time to breathe.  What have I done since the last time I posted?

I helped DH move this little honey into place.  This will eventually be our chicken house.  There is a lot of work to do on it so no chicks this year, but maybe next spring it will be ready for the clucky tenants.  How many chickens do you know that have a porch?

All of this wood has been processed by DH and I over the past few days between work and the MIL having surgery.  One of the neighbors took down a huge oak tree and asked us if we would like to have it.  We have a boiler which is fed outside in the woodshed, which forces hot water through pex pipes into our basement and runs the furnace.  Our house stays at a very consistent 68 degrees and our gas bill stays at about $20 per month even in the coldest winter since it only runs the water heater. 

Today was my first free day.  DH is at work, I am off until Sunday so did a quickie house clean this morning....still have dishes to do though.  Ugh!

I planted some roses in the front of our house. 

Weeded my flower bed along the side of the house.  Do you know what wild geraniums look like?  They are beautiful but they are so invasive. 

They have these beautiful blue/white flowers but they spread so much.  I had to just clean it out because they were actually over running my flowerbed and causing the other plants to not thrive.

This is what I pulled out of my flowerbed today.  My little wagon was plum full.  I still have my orchard to weed, and my berry patch.  But my back really needed a break and I wanted to sew a bit.  I get grumpy if I don't get time to do something creative for a few days.

My paper piecing project is almost done.  I have one more letter to finish.  That is my goal today, and maybe some Machine Quilting on the Ginger Rose. 

I also am super excited because even though I have been so  busy outside I decided to participate in a Blog Hop.  I am going to participate in the Put a Stamp On It blog hop.  I have a few ideas so I need to get to work. 
 Sew we quilt

Happy Friday everyone and if you would like to participate in a blog hop, check out the information at Pigtales & Quilts for the details.  Off for

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  1. That is a very nice coop for those chickens! Those girls are going to love it! Your garden area is so lush! I have never had the problem of having to pull things out because they are taking over! I'm envious. Can't wait to see more about the Postage stamp quilts! Thanks so much for sharing.


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