Friday, June 14, 2013

Curved templates and a New Tool

I don't know about you, but I love quilts with curves.  Wheel of Mystery, Drunkard's Path, apple core just to name a few.  I really wanted to do a drunkard's path in red and white, and I even bought this cute acrylic set years ago.

Amazing what you will find when you clean up your space.  This is supposed to make a 3" block section.  When pieced together should make a 12 inch block.  Anyway the set in seams were not really thrilling my soul.  Then I saw this little gem and watched the demonstration one day.

It is called the Curve Master Presser foot.  It comes with extra shanks depending on the type of machine you have.  As you can kind of see I am using it on my Singer 301 which is a slant needle.  When I put it on at first it looked a bit weird, kind of leaning.  But I thought what the hay.

I took my template and cut out my blocks.  4 red, 4 white and read the instructions with the curve master.

Start with the presser foot, and needle down, slip in your fabrics right sides together with the top edges matching.

Take a couple of stitches, then hold the top part up and make sure that your bottom piece is on the 1/4 inch mark and start sewing.  The foot will actually make the pieces fit together without pinning.  When you get close to the end use a pair of tweezers to help guide the top piece on through.

Here are two completed pieces.  Easy peasy now I can make a drunkard's path quilt.


  1. That is nifty! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Happy to share. We were chatting about it on My Quilt Place and I was the only one who had the foot so I experimented.

  2. That quilt is on my list, too. I have seen that foot on other blogs. I guess I need it, huh? =) Especially since it can fit on different machines with the adapters. Thanks for sharing your experience with it. =)


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