Sunday, October 22, 2017

31st Biennial Festival of Quilts

Friday the 13th I decided to get out of the house and go check out the 31st Biennial Festival of Quilts at the First United Methodist Church of Dearborn. 

First of all I want to say that it will probably take me several posts to share all of the quilts.  Secondly oh what a blessing to attend this quilt show.  I met some wonderful women, and quilters. The venue was gorgeous.  I have shared some pictures on my last post for my first ever I Like Thursday Post you can see here.  Finally not all of the quilts in this show are new.  Some were from people's homes handed down generation to generation, some were parts of collections, and some were from the Dearborn Historical Museum.

 First a couple of the quilts from the Dearborn Historical Museum

1.  Scrap Quilt I loved the embroidered edge of this quilt.  Behind it there is a log cabin quilt it was quilt number 66  you can't tell but the strips were about the size of a pencil they were so tiny.  It was made circa 1906.  It was made from silk clothing, ties, even part of a bridal lace.
2.  Crazy Quilt Circa 1891.
3  Northern Star  I don't know if you can see how small the pieces are.  It was made circa 1905 pieced of velvet and wool, embroidered and tied.  
Behind this one you can see quilt 4 which was a bow tie (Quilt on the far right of the picture). 

Unfortunately I didn't get the number for this one and even after going through all of the quilts multiple times I cannot figure it out.  The quilts were not laid out in numerical order.  I will say I do love the edges of this quilt.  

These are a few of a private doll quilt collection.

Teeny tiny yoyo you can see the size based upon my finger tip.

Another yoyo quilt.
Scrap doll quilt
The donkey quilt.  I thought this was so cute.

There were 2 quilts which were made in remembrance of those killed by gun violence.

215 Remember Me  2013:  The Innocent Faces of Gun Violence

216 Remember Me 2014 The Innocent Faces of Gun Violence
The 3 fabric challenge

19 Bailey Island Hobo Bag

20 untitled
24 Untitled--Moon Fat quarter Bag
25 Untitled  Gracie Saddle Bag
26 Untitled  Barbados Bag by Pink Sand Beach Design
27 Untitled
28 Untitled  Essentially Pockets.  The fabric was made into a twister. 
30 Untitled  McCalls 5143
There were a couple of more but I didn't get pictures of them. 

Finally this is a quilt called Family Heritage.  It was tough to get good pictures because the quilts were draped over the pews. 

It was made for the quiltmaker's parent's 50th wedding anniversary.  It contains over 263 family photos.  

Wow that was a lot of pictures and I still have many more.  Which is why it took me so long to get them ready to post.  Hope you enjoyed just this small glimpse.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

I Like Thursdays

Lee Anna of Not Afraid of Color does an I like Thursdays.  I know.... I bet you are wondering how can she (me) even have anything to like lately?  Yes it has been a pretty nasty year.  But I have so much to be thankful for....I will admit as of late I have really struggled to think of anything to be thankful for though.  I told my grief counselor and was given a writing task---I have kind of regressed on my grief journey. 

First thing every morning grab a notebook and pen and start to write.  First 5 minutes is kind of free form.  Random, thoughts running through my head at that time....memories of any dreams, feelings, my to do list for the day.  Then I am to write down 10 things I am thankful for.  Man I have had a tough time with that one.  But it is a good exercise.  Then I am supposed to kind of write whatever is on my mind, what has been bugging me.  I will admit I have been struggling with it.  But I thought I should join LeeAnna and post what I am thankful for.  Here is the question did she find 10 items to post about that she likes? 

I love quilt shows.  While the big AQS shows are neat, I love the local ones.  I had the good fortune to see a quilt show notice for this past weekend in Dearborn at the 1st United Methodist Church.  Wow!  What a blessing. I will just show a couple of pictures because I have been working on a post or multiple posts for this show for a week now transferring pictures from my phone to my computer. 

 Quilts were laid out over the pews.  Neat way to display, but hard to get a good look at them.  Also very difficult to get good pictures of them. What I absolutely adored though were the two wall hangings on each side of the Chancel. 

A storm at sea with a person casting a net.  Made me think of the verse in the book of Matthew 4:19 
"And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men."  

On the opposite side was this quit which reminded me of a basket and the stories of the loaves and fishes. 

The transept pews were full of quilts also, but above the southern portion was this gorgeous rose window.

You can see the pipes for the organ and the angel carvings.  What a gorgeous old church.

I love my garden.  Jeff used to call it my hippy garden.  I plant perennials and let them go.  I love that my butterfly bush yesterday was full of butterflies.

There are only 2 in this picture.  One at the top, and one at the bottom, you can see his wings in an L shape.  When I first walked out the door there were about 10, of course by the time I got my camera, and got it focused in they were gone. 

I love the geranium on my porch that continues to bloom even though I have abused it with no water, or plant food.  I pop off the dead flower heads occasionally.  The gorgeous peachy pink flowers. 

I like that I have the wall down in my great room.  The temporary bedroom that Jeff and I built for the great aunt is  no more.  I have moved some furniture back in, and spread my sewing stuff around.  I need to move the great uncle's desk out into the barn and I can then move my TV/entertainment center into the main house off of the sun porch for the winter.

Nope I am not going to paint or anything yet.  I am just going to be.  Yes it is still a mess with a ladder (need to fix the ceiling fan), a shop vac, and another vac.  But it will do for now, and I clean up a bit each day.  I would love to put new flooring throughout the great room and into the kitchen, even though it is highly unlikely my kitchen will every be fully remodeled.  Hey don't judge, the ladder makes an awesome end table for books, a candle, jar of water....

I have been doing a lot of cross stitch lately.  I discovered HAED (Heaven and Earth Designs) which is like cross stitch on steroids.  I have a floor stand,  2 hooped pieces which are regular cross stitch, and a Q snap frame piece going right now (another HAED).  The Q snap frame piece I bought this garter to keep from getting the edges dirty.  The little foxes are just too cute.

This piece is called Quilt Barn by Kay Lamb Shannon.
There will be almost 325,000 stitches in this when it is done.

Along with the frame garter I like my needle nanny.

It is a magnetic piece which almost looks like a cameo that will hold your needle when you aren't sewing.  It is great because a certain feline cannot pick the needle off of it.  This one looks like an old hand crank machine.  The lady I ordered the garter from included a needle minder that matched. 

I like to watch the Turkey Buzzard migration.  It is amazing to watch them as they make these huge circles each one as they complete it getting further and further south.  I tried to take a pictures the other day, but the sun was just too bright, and I could not get a good one.  I found this one though.

 They make me smile, because last year Gabe would lay in the lot and dare the Turkey Buzzards to land.  They would get closer and closer to the ground.  Obviously he was not very interesting though, probably didn't smell bad enough yet, that they never landed.

One of the problems I have been having lately is that I have always been a caregiver of sorts.  I cared for my brother and sister growing up, and my parents home and small farm.  I always had a cat, a dog, and other animals around.  Then I got married and had my husband and his buddies around all the time to care for, transitioning to our daughters.  Even after we were divorced I still had my daughters and a couple of long term boyfriends along the way.  The grandsons came along, and then came Jeff.  While I cared for him, he cared for me also it was much different.  Last year I had also taken on the responsibility of caring for the great aunt and uncle full time.  Imagine after 40 years of caring for someone or something to have it all snatched away from you.  You feel kind of rudderless floating adrift on the sea.  Don't get me wrong, the grandsons are around, and I inherited Lucy the cat.  But it was much different.  I felt like I had all this love pent up with no where to go.  Lucy is an older cat and very aloof, not into being held or even petted.  I know you are asking yourself where is this going.....Last week on my way to therapy, I saw a pet store that had puppies advertised, chihuahua puppies.  I love dogs, but I like small dogs, they don't eat as much, they are much more portable, and they make just as much noise as a big dog if you need protection--lets just say that I have had some bad experiences with big dogs when it comes to protection in the past.  I considered it for a moment and thought no.  I don't need a dog.  I feel like I can barely take care of myself. 

I got home and was looking for firewood to be delivered through an online app.  I saw one advertisement and messaged the guy.  While I was waiting to see if he answered my query, I scrolled down and saw the most adorable little faces.  A lady had chihuahua puppies for sale.  One girl and 4 boys.  There seemed to be a lot of interest for the girl, but not so much for the boys.  But they were all so sweet. 

The next day the man answered me about the firewood asking me how much I wanted.  I told him 4 cords.  He said he would have to get back to me that was a lot of wood to deliver.  I scrolled down and saw the puppies again. 

Two days later (Saturday) I am in quilt class and a man messages me.  Not the one I had asked about the firewood, but another.  He has firewood, he lives nearer to me and he will deliver it.  I still have to stack it but he could deliver it this week.  I told him sure since the other man had not got back to me.  I got home and looked at the original firewood post, and to see if the original guy I had been talking to had answered any of the other people.  He hadn't.   Of course I scrolled down to see the puppies.  Not one of them was gone yet, even the female was still available, and they had dropped the price.  I messaged the lady and asked how big the parents were.  She answered me right away.  It was after 7 in the evening, and she asked me if I would like to see the puppies?  I told her I would be interested in the girl if she was still available.  When did she have time to meet? The girl was still available, and the lady would meet me at PetSmart in Monroe in 15 minutes if I was truly interested.  Let's just say it was love at first sight.  This little lady hopped up, covered me in kisses and the tail did not stop wagging. 

Meet Bobbin.  My quart jar is a good reference to Bobbin's size. 

She is a little ball of energy.  Thanks Nancy of Pug Mom Quilts for the name suggestion.  She is like a Bobbin too.  She spins in circles all the time, when she is not sleeping.

My daughter's SO says he has not seen me smile or laugh in a long time and it does his heart good to see me with her.  (He insists her name should have been Cujo). 

Wow I made it through with some things to like.  I will be linking up with LeeAnna's I like Thursdays post.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Pumpkin Hunting

I mentioned in my previous post I was looking for a fabric called Happy Owl-O-Ween by RJR.  Now this is kind of a funny story, but maybe not so much at times.

I admitted I made a wee bit of a mistake cutting out my friendship block for guild.  Right after I made the mistake I started looking for the fabric.  I found it online and ordered it a couple of weeks back.  I got the notification it had shipped, but per the USPS website it never arrived at the post office.  I contacted the shop, and was told to contact the postal service.   Considering how much I buy online, and this being the first time I have really had this problem, I count myself lucky.  But at this point in time I am kind of bumping a clock.  Next week is guild and I need to have my block done.  I remember the lady who runs the friendship block for guild said she got the fabric at Sonflower Quilt Shop in Sylvania, OH.  So Wednesday I had a plan.

I had to go pick up a label maker at one of the office supply stores.  I get frustrated looking through all the drawers and bins in the barn, and can't find anything--finally go and buy it only to discover it the next time I am searching.  Yep I am going to label them.  After I was done with that I was headed to the sheriff's office, I had to apply for a permit because I now own 2 guns which had belonged to Jeff, and the ancient uncle at one time.

Before going to Ohio though I called the shop.

Me:  I am looking for some fabric
Sonflower Quilts:  Well you are in luck we just happen to have some....
 Me:  Wow I opened myself up for that one.  OK lets start again I am looking for Happy Owl-O-Ween by RJR.  I was told you have some.
Sonflower Quilts:  Yep we do
Me:  Do you still have the pumpkins on white?
Sonflower Quilts:  Yes we do.
Me:  Great will you put aside 1/2 a yard for me, I will be down to pick it up in about an hour.
Sonflower Quilts:  Oh there is plenty you should be fine.
Me:  No if you only knew how my life is going, today will be the day there is a run on that fabric and I will drive down there and it will all be gone.
Sonflower Quilts laughing:  OK for your peace of mind I will put it behind the counter.
 Me:  Thank you

So I headed to Sylvania.  Um my GPS sent me the wrong direction, and after I passed the Tam O'Shanter Center and Ice Rink I knew that I had been sent in the wrong direction.  I back tracked and found my way without the GPS.

The ladies at Sonflower Quilts are really cute.  Of course since they were so sweet I had to buy something else than just the 1/2 yard of the pumpkin on white.

They had some nice batiks, and even a couple of gorgeous neutrals.  What do you think Dawn do they look wreath worthy? 

And as you can see from the above picture I got my pumpkin fabric. Which by the way I made my block today.

It is a modified disappearing hourglass block.

And since I was sewing because the guys were reroofing my garage I threw together my bag lady quilt block.

Finished sewing all of my petals for the quiltworx Quilt.

And started putting some of the parts together.

I got 4 of these done, 4 more to go.  I will say it takes a while cause I am starting to remove my papers.  I also marked all of my spots that you use to match on all of the different units I have made.  I have a swoopy unit to finish which has a huge S type curves.  It will fit on the top of this portion.  Then watch out world.

I found my pumpkin, made my blocks.  Next I may need to deal with the United States Postal Service? Naw.

Thursday, October 5, 2017


I received an e-mail a couple of weeks ago from C & T Publishing telling me congratulations you won $200 toward any of our books.  Being the skeptic I am, I thought....right....just like I am already a winner, just do X, and send us $X and you will collect your prize.

So of course for laughs I went and put stuff into my shopping cart at C & T Publishing, entered the code I had provided, and it worked!   I paid about $20 because of course I spent more than my limit, and there was shipping.  This is my haul.

I got a color wheel, not that I have problems....well maybe I do, but hey don't burst my little bubble if my color sense is off by telling me.

The Ultimate Color Tool.
Foundation papers cause we all know how much I a-d-o-r-e paper piecing.

Some books on quilting.

And some fun quilt books.

Not bad huh?

Tuesday I met Kris of Kris Loves Fabric at Shipshewana.  Kris frequents the area often, so what is more fun than having a guide that is a local?

When we met she gave me this cute fabric.

Kris and I have a thing for text fabric.

Then we went shopping.

I was on the lookout for this fabric.  It is called Happy Owl-o-ween by RJR Fabrics.  Remember when I mentioned that I made a wee bit of an error cutting my Friendship block for the month of October? If you need a refresher it is here.

We went to Yoder's department store.  Wow they had a lot, but nothing that caught my attention, and no pumpkin fabric. 

We then went to Lolly's.  I bought some embroidery floss, and these.  But no pumpkin fabric.

RSC for October is pink.  I am trying to stick with reproduction looking fabrics and I thought these fit the bill.  I liked the one that Kris called double pink.  Then there was this  yummy text fabric. 

Isn't it just too cute?!?!  Yes I left some on the bolt so Kris could buy some also.  Um not to brag, but we got the first cuts off the bolt, it had just been put out.  

Kris and I wandered the shops, ate lunch...I had a BLT salad, it was marvelous!

Then we shopped some more.  At the Cotton Corner I purchased these.

Sewing tools in green plaid and blue plaid, and loved the batiks!

We went to the Shipshawana Bulk Food store.  I got to giggling they had this huge bags of lemon Jello 2 for a dollar.  Kris thought I should have bought the ginormous bag of bacon bits....cause every single girl needs 5 lbs of bacon bits right?  I did buy some dried papaya, and quinoa.  

We laughed, talked, giggled, window shopped, and had a great time.  Yes I took a picture of Kris and I, but no I haven't transferred it to my computer yet.  (OK truth, Kris is not so much).  Nothing like spending time with quilty friends.  Kris and I are going to have to do it again soon I hope!