Saturday, December 9, 2017

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

We had snow Thursday.  Not a lot, but enough that I had to make sure some things got accomplished.  Went out swept off the porch, steps, walkway.  Took treats to the chickens, filled the bird feeders for the wild birds, had to take two 50 lb bags of feed into the chicken house and mix it.  Grabbed 2 gas cans and filled the snow plow just in case.  Snow makes it look Christmasy, right?

First I needed a wreath.  I wanted a real one, so I headed to the local nursery.

I saw this one and knew it was it.  The juniper and juniper berries, cedar, and pine cones reminded me of Oregon. 
I had been contemplating decorating for Christmas--I just wasn't too sure what I wanted to do.  There is a cat, a puppy, and I have heard horror stories.''''  Jeff always talked about wanting to have a John Deere tree.  I knew there were a couple of marbled type ornaments in the boxes, a couple of tractor ornaments that I had gave him for Christmas, but not much else to make it work. 

YouTube to the rescue.  I bought some glass balls, and started playing.

I had used acrylic paint.  Green, yellow, a sparkly green, sparkly yellow, and white.  I was pretty happy with the way they turned out.  They take quite a bit of work, and a couple of days to dry adequately.  Glass ornaments are hard to come by! 

I also saw another using spray paint and a bowl of water. 

I made 12 of these.  I can't quite decide which set I like the most. 

Friday I decided it was time to decorate. 

I have a small tree that is almost 20 years old.  Yes the lights even work still.

Green gingham ribbon, and some gold berry garland.

The ornaments I made, some gold berry picks,  gold poinsettia picks, some silk roses, a string of mercury acorn lights, and a tractor. 

Even a green and yellow tree skirt I found in a bag of rags in the basement.  I had seen a plastic bag and never looked in it.  I finally got brave, and it was filled with sheets, towels and this cute tree skirt with embroidered John Deere logos on it. 

Some snowmen, a cute little deer candle holder, and a nutcracker music box. 

My snowman I made many years ago.  He has been loved, and abused, Lucy obviously thinks he is a good snuggle buddy. 

I recently purchased a nice book case.  Yep not many books, but perfect to hold decorations right now.  My cross stitch stocking, and Jeff's which my mom finished recently.  (Yep it has a John Deere tractor on it.)  Recently I found the John Deere clock (top right bookcase) but I couldn't figure out a way to hang it.  I decided it looked pretty good sitting on the top of the bookcase. 

I found a Christmas cactus at the store recently.  It is full of blooms and it a bright cheery pink.

Jeff has this very cool manger, but no nativity set.  We ended up with these, but I have no idea from where, the box says 2013.  The problem is that it is only Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus.  I would love to have the wise men, angels, shepherds, and maybe a camel, sheep, and donkey.  Oh and of course some chickens. 

Finally I brought out my pillow slips. 

My Cowboy Snowman, complete with paisley fabric, bandana ruffle, and leather fringe.

My poor Santa with french horn, the boys seem to always want to throw this one around and it has been soiled.  I should probably attempt to wash it. 

I think it is time to start to streamline when it comes to decorations.  I will decide what I love, what I don't love anymore or have no sentimental attachment---can it be repurposed, give it away to family, or donate.  

I don't only decorate my house, the furbabies get in the act too.

I saw this cute "ugly" sweater the other day.  It is actually for a wine bottle.  I altered a bit and fit Bobbin perfectly.

I think It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas.


  1. I love your little tree--so have a lot of great decorations...very warm and cozy looking hugs, Julierose

  2. love your tree and that Bobbin. I could just squeeze her to pieces. she is so darned adorable.
    love that you decided you need a little Christmas......right this very minute........ <3

  3. What a gorgeous tree! The ornaments are perfect--well done! Bobbin is so adorable. How much snow did you end up getting? We got about 4-5 inches in Allentown!

  4. Oh your little tree is adorable...and it looks like you had fun making new ornaments. Merry Merry CHristmas!

  5. Am still trying to decide if I want to put up any decorations this year. Just hubby and I anymore. All the kids have family's of their own and will not be coming home. You mentioned Oregon, well right now it's 28 degrees out there but no fog today. I usually bring juniper berries home from our trip to eastern Oregon but didn't even gather any this year. Your little free makes me want to maybe put one up. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  6. You're so crafty making those green glass balls. They turned out so pretty! You definitely have more decorations around your house than I do. I need to catch the spirit, though my dogs are probably happy that I'm not decking them out like you did Bobbin. :O)

  7. Your tree looks adorable! Love those balls you are so talented!

  8. You sure did good with those glass ornaments! And Bobbin is a cutie in that sweater :) You are more decorated for Christmas than we are but the tree is up and the nativity set out...

  9. i have a few tractors and some race cars and new this year a wolf

  10. I love that John Deere tree idea. It is tough with the animals, but you will enjoy having it up.

    Love the sweater for Bobbin!

  11. Wow! It sure is looking like Christmas. Love the tree and the John Deere decorations. Perfect. Bobbin looks so cute in her new jumper too!

  12. How fun that a wine bottle sweater fits your wee dog! Love it.
    I have a small sewing machine I bought at a flee market in Holland, but was made in the old USSR. Why am I telling you? HA! It has a deer logo which looks just like the John Deer deer.
    Maybe I will post it on Thursday.


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