Sunday, December 3, 2017

No Sewing to Show

I survived the 30 days of thankful posts.  I will admit it was tough at first but it got easier as I went along.  But obviously I went dark for a few days to recover.  :D

What have I been up to? 

Well, with beautiful weather to work outside.  Fighting with a tractor to get it started and get it into the barn.  Samantha my youngest daughter and I tried to start it.  No go, then we thought maybe we could pull it with the truck into the barn, but the truck won't fit out the other door it is only 75 inches wide and the truck is 78.  Then we thought maybe if we took the brush hog (gigantic mower deck) off the back we could pull the tractor to the other side of the barn and push it in.  Got the brush hog off, with a minor incident with a stabilizer bar hitting me in the thigh.  Yep that was going to leave a bruise.  Finally we gave it up. 

I worked on some Christmas gifts, can't show because my daughter stalks my blog.  Muah!  Love you Becca. 

A group of ladies from guild got together to prep for a class in January.  I mainly went for the camaraderie. 

Saturday night I took the boys to a parade in a small town named Ida.  I wish I had got more pictures but we were on a float.  Let's just say that the high school, grade school, and middle school parking lots were packed with floats, bands etc.  This tiny town swells to over 50,000 people for the Christmas Light Parade.

Xander with his blinking antlers.

Gabe being a goob with is flashing necklace.

Our float, and float with some people.  We only had about 20 boys participate from the pack of about 100.  But we had a great time.  It wasn't too cold and hanging out with scouts is a blast. 

Did I take advantage of some black Friday deals? 


Craftsy had kits on sale.  I got this one, it has ombre fabrics in it.  Can't wait and it is simple.  Just a bazillion HST. 

And I got a pack of charm squares as a gift with purchase.

Dawn had shown the pattern by Buttermilk Basin.  I decided I wanted to make it in wool so I ordered the kits. 

I found some more chicken fabric.  I may need to quit buying chicken fabric and start making my chicken quilt. 

And this fun text fabric in apple green.  Obviously the picture does not do it justice.

I also saw this 1/2 yard bundle of Sugar Pie by Vanessa of Lella Boutique Manufactured by Moda. 

What am I going to make with it?  I don't know but I loved the flowers and the colors. 

Finally back to the parade.  The float directly in front of us had country western singer Colin Raye.  I had seen him about 20 years ago at the county fair. 

I totally forgot about this song.  Listen to the words. 


  1. Collin Raye! Love him........saw him once here and a mentally challenged girl was in the front row and was singing with his song. it was on a stage that revolves and EVERY SINGLE TIME the stage went around to HER he got off and gave her a hug. THROUGH THE WHOLE SHOW! she was on cloud nine! he is such a great guy. sounds like you had a fun weekend. I on the other hand FORGOT about our parade and went for groceries. had to drive three towns out and swerve back to get there from here. was cursing all the way and I am SURE Santa heard! LOL I am in BIG trouble!

  2. ps LOVE your new fabric and pattern acquisitions! I want to make my truck quilt in cotton so will have lots of needleturning to do and finding the right fabric for the job. my 2018 challenge

  3. Lovely float and parade pictures...
    Great fabric and kits...looks like Santa has made an early stop at your house lol hugs, Julierose

  4. Looks like a good weekend for you :) Fun new fabrics, look forward to seeing your Buttermilk kit take shape! We are to be 65 today so more front yard frolicking to commence this afternoon! Yay!

  5. Those floats look amazing. It is nice to see such a great turnout for the town. The boys look so cute.

    It has been nice and warm for you. I'm sure it makes you want to be working outside.

    Looks like you have some fun sewing ahead with those fabrics.

  6. Love the fabric you bought! I buy a lit of flowers,just love them

  7. With the exception of the tractor adventures (misadventures?), it sounds like some wonderful memories have been in the making. The parade sounds wonderful.

  8. The parade sounded like fun. The float looked great. Love seeing your fabric purchases - you always buy such nice stuff.

  9. P.S. hope your bruise isn't too bad.

  10. Oh love your shopping; I looked and looked and found it hard to decide but finally purchased.
    Yes, I too had so much fun at the local town parade and there was a float with cubs and one with brownies. Loved it.

  11. You got some great deals! I grabbed a few deals, but you beat me with better ones. Cute little guys!


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