Thursday, December 28, 2017

12 Days of Christmas X 2

I had some friends that had sent gifts, including two different sets of 12 days of Christmas gifts. 

Let's just say that after encounters with Jeff's families attorney, and later mediation my soul was feeling pretty bruised and battered, and any Christmas spirit I had was left lying in the fetal position in the gutter.  

I will start with the gift from Barbara of wont to be quilter.  Barbara is always making a Christmas quilt, along with her normal gifts she makes of quilts to her family.

Cute penguin wrapping paper. 

 Gorgeous Christmas fabric.  Yep that blur is Bobbin. 
A better picture of the fabric, and yes another blur of Bobbin running by.  Bobbin feels that every gift should be hers personally. 

Yep Bobbin does stand still.  When she wants me to hold her, and I am trying to do something.  Like wrap Christmas gifts. 

Kris from Kris Loves Fabric sent me a 12 days of Christmas.  Each day had a cute card, with a "What I love about Colette" note in side and a Bible verse.  They made me laugh, and the Bible verses were so timely.

The disemboweled strawberry pincushion.  I love text fabric and text fabric...sometimes ok all the time what you get is a surprise at seams.
 The Lattice Cherry Pie pincushion.  Bobbin thought this was especially for her. 
 Cute buttons and a zipper pull.
 Bobbin helping again.  Oh and Lucy too. 
 A pile of cute patterns.
 A Snowman punch needle kit
 A Santa Punch needle kit
 A chicken punch needle kit.  Cuz us chicken chicks stick together.
 A Piping Hot binding kit.....
 Quick Curve Ruler and pattern.  Kris we need to have a sew day and I will show you how to quick curve it is easy peasy lemon squeezy. 
 A McKenna Ryan kit.  OMG Love the gold finches on the thistle!
 This very cute Ackfeld hanger with the barn, tree, wheelbarrow and garden.  I have an idea of what to make to use it with, it would actually be finishing up a small pile of UFO blocks.   
Chicken fabric!  Love the bright colors.  And the Sebastian fabric.  Sorry to say, but Lucy has some of those same facial expressions.  

So many great fun gifts.  Thank you so much Kris. 

I also received another set of 12 days of Christmas from Dawn at SewYouQuilt2.

One thimble...reminds me of a band aid.  LOL

 Two fat quarters.  Oh these are yummy I see a Christmas quilt in my future!

Three spools of thread.

 Four Pincushions.  These are all so cute!

After eating for the past few days.  I need to exercise, but I feel like this pig.  Is she exercising or is she laying on the floor contemplating that she needs to exercise?
5 cookie mixes. 
When you want cookies fast these are awesome. 

6 packages of Candy Cane hot chocolate.  Sounds fabulous.

 7 Balls for Lucy.  Um no Bobbin not for you.
 Here mom let me help. 
I want this one.  Lucy doesn't need all of them.  See the dog is a blur I swear it isn't my picture taking.

8.  Gift card wallets.  See the blur of the assistant foot.

9.  Christmas ornaments.  

 Obviously Bobbin wanted one.  They were immediately confiscate and placed out of Bobbin reach.
These are all so cute. I can't choose my favorite.  The walnut snowman, the spool snowman, the heart with peace.....

10 charm squares aren't these yummy!  I love the asterisk/sputnik motifs. 

11.  Buttons or pins or button pins. They are cute.

Ssshh don't tell Dawn but I count over 11.

12.  Needles in a needle book.  This is awesome.

Darn I forgot to get pictures of the outside with a cute spool block!

Then there was a package that Bobbin was going wild over.  She actually tried to carry it away.

 A blanket, soft and fuzzy....kind of like Jeff with the picture of Jeff on our wedding day.  Here you see Bobbin inspecting. 

 A bit better picture.  Oh heck who am I kidding there is no way to get a good picture of anything with Bobbin around. 

And Aunty Dawn would not leave Bobbin out. 

We got an awesome squeaky bone! 

Thank you to all three of you lovely ladies.   I love sharing with my family, the fun I had opening them.  You made my Christmas full of laughter and fun.


  1. you are so so welcome my friend. Bobbin was so cute and excited. Mom, Mom what did you get? LOL kinda like Dunks around here only he tried to open EVERYONES gifts

  2. Such wonderful friends who gifted you these wonderful quilty treasures! Bet they brought lots of smiles to your face. All the best over the holidays!

  3. You are welcome, it blessed me to do that for you this Christmas, those verses were good friend verses to ponder...a lot of them came from here: feel free to pass along any of the duplicate gifties, including the quick curve, lol. Wow, that photo blanket looks snuggly :)

  4. Those are all such thoughtful gifts and I know how much it brightened your Christmas.


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