Wednesday, December 6, 2017

I Like Thursday 4

Welcome to I Like Thursday...I am calling this number 4 even though I did a whole month of thankful posts.  Hey its my blog world I can do what I want.  

1.  I like green glass.  I love the old Jadeite stuff, but it is a bit out of my price range.  But,  there is repop now, and some companies like Ball have brought out canning jars in green, blue, and even purple.  

There are people on Etsy that actually melt these repop jars into spoon rests and other things.  I had a spoon rest first.  I decided recently I would like a 2nd for my coffee station. 

2.  I like coffee.  I usually drink the Folger's Black Silk, but it is the holidays and so I decided to treat myself to Starbuck's Christmas Blend.

3.  I love sunrises.  It is a promise of the day to come.  The two oldest boys sleep at my house.  I get up at about 6 so I have some quiet time before I get the boys going at 7.  By 7:30 all 4 kids are here to catch the school bus.  I have to be outside with the 4 year old when he gets on the bus. While I was waiting the other day there was this gorgeous sunrise. 

Now if I had been on the ball this morning's sunrise was even better--alas no picture.  But what is great about the sunrise, the west side of my house, is still in dark because the house is preventing the light from reaching  the trees on the west side.

When it first starts to hit the giant oak, it takes on a blush.  I don't know if you can see it, but I love watching the play of colors and shadows across the tree as the sunrises.  A hint of pink to

4.  I love learning new things.  Recently I learned a term called "the blue hour" which is defined per Wikipedia as:

The blue hour (from French l'heure bleue) is a period of twilight in the morning and in the evening, during the civil and nautical twilight phases, when the Sun is at a significant depth below the horizon and when the residual, indirect sunlight takes on a predominantly blue shade.

OK really there is a civil twilight, and a nautical twilight too?  So much to learn in this lifetime.  

I like this series called The Greenhouse Mysteries by Wendy Tyson.  I also have my sweet Bobbin posing by my book.  The stories take place in a small town called Winsome,  Pennsylvania.  I like the lead character Megan Sawyer who has returned home to help her grandmother after he husband was killed. 

6.  I like doing charity work and giving to charity--Please understand I am not tooting my own horn.   I have always felt like I have always been so blessed I want to pass it on, ever since my kids were little.   

The small church that I had attended after Jeff passed did a food bank once a month.  We got our food from a warehouse.  What was available was always changing, but didn't always help.  We would get cases of peanut butter, but no crackers or bread.  So I would run up to the bread outlet the day before the food bank and buy 50 loaves of bread, as my part as my part.  One time they had cans and cans of spaghetti sauce--I ran to the local discount store and bought 4 cases of macaroni.  

Quilting has opened some doors for me recently.  One church I attended, I noticed a couple of women there that had been guests at quilt guild.  I stopped to talk to them and was invited to a sew day.  They make simple quilts--just squares laid out in either full twin size, enveloped, turned and tied with yarn.  I helped for a couple of hours one day, and in that short time I made several new friends.  Tuesday two of the ladies invited me to go with them on a delivery run.  We drove to Flint to a Mission Church in a very run down area, and donated over 60 quilts.  They were thankful, but asked if we had any more we could spare?  Unfortunately we had donated all of the quilts which had been made in the past 2 months-  except for some baby and toddler quilts that had been earmarked for another charity.  They told us they had over 500 families sign up asking for assistance during the holiday.  They really needed bedding, quilts things to help keep them warm.  It is humbling the number of people in need.  

I grabbed a tag off of a giving tree. The kids on this giving tree have a parent who is currently in prison.   I was told that the limit for each person is $25 even though they have several items on their list.  I mean if they need shoes, a decent pair of tennis shoes is at least $30.  I went shopping and I had some coupons.  Imagine my delight that I got 3 things on my young ladies list for $28.  I don't think it will be the end of the world that I went over a couple of dollars.  

Being able to give back means so much to me.  Remember to give back to your community to help others not just during the holidays, but all year long.  

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  1. love that spoon rest and that Bobbin is so darned cute. Jacky and I were just talking about the nursing home up the street from us. we want to make colorful pillowcases for them and maybe bring the kiddos in for a visit. some get no visitors. how sad is that. yes my parents always taught me that no matter what there are always people worse off than you and you should help wherever you can.great job maybe I will have to go find a giving tree......

  2. We adopt a Christmas family at church and it is a great experience to take my son out to buy and wrap up some of the things that they have on their list :) We used to do the Project Angel Tree when we lived in town - I remember "cheating" one year when we got a tag for a young boy who needed a coat and we filled the pockets with matchbox cars :)
    Your flat green jar is fun...don't think I've seen that done before!

  3. Hi. I've not seen that flat green jar before. What a novel idea. Thank you for such an inspiring post. Sometimes we need to be reminded how fortunate we are. Have a great day. mary in Az

  4. I love your sweet, tender and generous heart. =)

  5. bobbin has a very sweet face... you can see a personality through her face. Sweet one. Like you. Score on using coupons so buy more for the child. I remember once having my nephew visit, and buying him some things. He asked why I was doing it, and I said I hated him not having enough. He puzzled over that, sad to say. We're not rich but he was doing without. It makes me saddest to think of anyone going to bed hungry and cold.

    I really love your like posts

  6. What a sweet, caring person you are! So much giving which I loved reading about! I don't know what's wrong with me in that I just can't volunteer anymore...did it for a while.
    Now I just give money which while important, is nothing like the personal involvement.
    One of my grandmothers would have said you are earning jewels for the crown you'll wear in heaven. Smile

  7. I'll have to check out those mysteries, I'm always looking for new reads. And I too love the sunrise, most mornings this time of year I'm out walking the dogs in the dark, but some mornings when I'm running late, I get to see it. Such pretty colors always. The dogs don't like it though because I always want to stop and take pictures...

  8. Hi Colette,
    That spoon rest is just so darn cool! I love the old green glass, or even the new stuff. And Folger's Black Silk - yum! So nice and smooth . . . that is one of my favorites, and much better than Starbuck's. How do you like the Christmas Blend? Oh my goodness, look at the cute little Bobbin . . . I can just see her giving you a kiss as you pick up that book. H Mom! Are we going to read now?! ~smile~ Roseanne

  9. L'heure Bleu is my favorite time of day--our skies here sometimes turn to a misty blue/purple over the ocean...and Sunsets lately have been spectacular--
    I have been recording these in my Seasons Scrapbook as I try to capture them in photos--
    I'll have to look up that mystery series as I am a huge mystery fan...I don't like the hard-boiled-violence types, but more on the Agatha Christie style of book..old-fashioned am I..;)))
    Nice likes in this post--hugs, Julierose

  10. Christmas blend is one of our favorites, too! I love sunrises, too - and the pink tint that your tree gets we also see on the west side of our house. That is where we have coffee in the morning, so when I see the pink I know to go look out the front window to the east!

  11. I had to look up repop jars. I hadn't heard that term. I don't recall seeing green jars, but I think way back my grandmother had some that were a sort of faint teal colour.
    I have some pink glass pieces - a serving dish, etc. Not sure if they are depression glass or not.
    Sandy in the UK

  12. I like your green glass spoon rest. I have some green sea glass that I love because the color isn't common. Pretty sunrise... too early for me to get up and watch. ;-)

  13. I love your spoon rest! Your post warmed my heart. My mom was a single parent and we were a very low income family. Food boxes and gifts from the community made our holidays brighter. My husband is amazingly supportive of my need to pay that forward, especially during the holidays.

  14. And that is why I follow your blog - you are a special person with a special spirit. How cool to get everything for 28 dollars. We do an Angel tree (for prisoners children)at church here too and because of sales we were able to add to the presents they wanted. Neat eh! Lovely to make new friends and get to help with more quilts for the community. That sunrise looked beautiful. We had a super moon here a few days ago. It was magnificent to look at!

  15. Your post is so uplifting! I love hearing about all the ways you are helping your community, and It definitely inspires me to get more involved in giving to the community. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Adore that spoon lift! Will have to look for that on etsy! Thanks for all the inspiration today! I needed some and your blog alwasy gives me a boost! Hugs and cheers!

  17. Our church does the Angel Tree each year (parents in prison). Each item gets it's own 'Angel'. I'm used to $25 for each gift, and spent around that much, then, when I returned them, I saw it was only $20. Who cares. Hubby's office used to (haven't in the past few years) done Santa letters to a Chicago school. I always bought a toy, then included gloves, hat and scarf, over and above the price limit. One of the first years, the boy asked for food from Santa. That broke our hearts. We called the school, and talked with the principal. Not only did my sons buy a box full of yummy snacks for this child, but, the principal told us what grocery stores were in the area, so that we could send a gift card, too, for the family (she gave that to the parents so that it wouldn't get lost).


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