Wednesday, December 27, 2017

I Like Thursday 7

Christmas is over, are you one of those that take your decorations down right away, or wait for a few days?  I haven't quite decided which way I want to be as of yet. Maybe I should go and buy some of those red totes to pack my Christmas decorations away each year, instead of the jumble of boxes. 

I like finding misplaced items I love.  When I moved in many of my belongings were stored in the basement and attic.  I was a wanderer, and never seemed to alight in one place for long.  I also felt like I had a 4 year shelf life with my relationships.  After 4 years they went south, and I moved on.  Because of those feelings I never really unpacked and added to the household to make it my own.    Imagine my delight when I discovered a box of my kitchen items.

The artist is Greg Brown.  I wish I had more.  The top picture is called "Cookin"

 This print is called club veg.
I had seen these post cards years ago and purchased 5 of them.  They make me smile. 
First date.
 The escape.
Reclining Salad.  

I also found this little paddle that I had painted many years ago.  I love the Lily of the Valley I painted.

Christmas Eve we were treated to quite the snowstorm.  I shared the short video on Christmas Day.

I like it when it snows.  Do you feel like a calm overcomes all of mother nature as the snow falls? There is this intense quiet and it almost feels like you are the only one remaining on the planet.   I will say I find it even more spectacular at night, especially with the moon and stars.  

I like to keep the porch and walkway swept off, if you do the job during the storm it isn't quite so "big".

Here is a good idea of the snow accumulation after about 2 hours.  I laughed because I was outside caring for my chickens and 15 minutes later the steps and walkway looked like this....

I like my garden geegaws in the snow.  Jeff's fabricated gazing ball.  (A Bowling Ball with metallic paint).

I like the sticks of sage, lavender and anise hyssop.  Interestingly enough the Bible references hyssop in several verses as being used in cleansing and purification.  The hyssop in my little herb garden grows abundantly!  Boy do I feel the need for cleansing as of late. 

I don't think you can see it but my decorative yard chickens are under this layer of snow, along with some lavender.

I like the tracks in the snow.  I think I have some hares in my fields that come over to explore near the house.  I threw some carrots out yesterday.

These I have no clue what they are, but they were interesting.

These were my tracks I left after walking through the field.  You can see there is about 8 inches of snow there.  I was trying to get a picture of a bird of some sort in my tree.  I watched it for a long time from inside the house, but couldn't get a good picture of it.  The camera seemed to like to zoom in on the screen. Outside,  I managed to focus it in, when you are zooming at a distance like that it is tough to keep still so I ended up with a picture of .... it's lower portion.....
 As it was taking off.

I am pretty sure what was in my tree was a great horned owl.  No this isn't the owl, I had to find a stock photo.  When I zoomed in on the head I saw the unmistakable face and tufts. 

I was sad I couldn't get a picture, but to see it, and the colors in the sunlight was awesome.

I love the days after a snowstorm even though the temperatures outside felt like they were -2 when I was wandering around taking pictures.
The blue sky, and sun glistening off of the snow, the weird wave formations that the wind makes.

Winter is officially here, the winter solstice is past and the days will become longer as we make life transitions toward a new and bright future. 


  1. I like to take the decorations down slowly. I love the serenity of the tree lit in the am while I sit and drink my coffee. "me" time in the quiet of the day. then all Dunkin breaks loose! lol you got a bit of snow. we were lucky we got less but it has been so cold. in the teens brrrrrr as they say not fit for man nor beast out there love your pics

  2. I used to leave my decorations up until the day after New Years Day because we had company coming in and out the entire week between Christmas and New Years Day. Now I like to have it down the day after Christmas. I have too much furniture in my living room and it makes me nervous to have the tree cramping the living space even more.

    We take our yard art in each fall and store it in an enclosed back porch for the winter. I hate the snow. I do find a first snowfall lovely, but it's not long before the dogs tear up the yard running through it. Now, I just want it gone and I am in countdown to Spring.
    xx, Carol

  3. Great likes! I love that photo of the snow and the waves! Have a wonderful day!

  4. Your veggie prints are fun! I do know what you mean about the way everything seems to get quiet when it snows - I like the way it lights up our yard when it's snowing at night, too. Fun trying to identify the footprints in the snow that you see - we've been doing that, too!

  5. nice post!
    I know the feeling when it snows, of feeling like you're the only one there. I love to sweep fresh snow off a porch, then see the little bit accumulate to be swept again. Like I'm really achieving a feat! I also love to see footprints. I looked out the rental back yard, and saw prints really close to our back fence, and wondered if a deer or person came that close. Snow like yours covers everything, like frosting on a cake. Happy new year my good friend. May it bring all of us some peace and creativity. LeeAnna

  6. We didn't do really any decorating this year--[too much going on]--but we still have our tabletop fiber-optics tree in our sitting room..and our sax-playing Santa is perched on our coffee table in the living room for our cocktail hour serenade (hahaha) .
    I heard 3 owls calling to each other last night...and it is really really cold here windchill minus 5 --so not venturing out...
    hugs for a Happy and healthy New Year Julierose

  7. How fun to find your treasures that were hidden away! The snow is beautiful. (I like it as long as it doesn't create icy road conditions.) How fun to spot an owl. They are such beautiful creatures.

  8. Pretty outdoor shots, I have stayed mostly indoors the last couple days so haven't taken any...the snow is beautiful though. Your wild veggies are fun, I can see why you enjoy them :) I did take down most of the decorations already, every year is different though!

  9. Traditionally we keep them up until Epiphany (Jan 6th). Gotta wait for the 3 wise men! Those veggies are cute. And the snow is pretty. I like the tracks.

  10. i will take mine down next week , we still have one grand that is suppose to come and bring his kids for their gifts

  11. Hi Colette,
    Oh, that last picture of the windswept snow reminds me of sand. You got quite a bit more snow that we have had so far. We got an inch or so Christmas Eve - more on the roads and sidewalks than on the grass. Happy New Year to you! ~smile~ Roseanne

  12. I love the humour in those postcards!
    Do you have a sports setting on your camera? that might work when you are trying to get a photo of a bird or animal because it does several photos in one burst.

  13. I love this time of the year. All the entertaining is behind me and now it is quiet and peaceful. I keep all my decorations up until January 7th.

    I love your kitchen finds! I've not seen them before, but they are so clever.

    The snow looks beautiful, but am not sure I could handle it myself. I'll enjoy your pictures.

  14. We came home to the snow, and the start of the bitter cold. I'm ready for warmer weather. We were -17 this morning, while our son in Anchorage was 43 degrees.


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