Wednesday, December 13, 2017

I Like Thursday #5

I had a tough last couple of days.  Snow, fixing a snowplow, snow, moving stuff in the barn so that I could park the plow in the barn, snow, frigid winds around 30 mph, snow,  I will admit there isn't a whole lot to like right now.  Did I mention we had about 6 inches of snow already?  We have 45 minutes more of a Winter Storm Warning. 10 pm I got a call from the school they are cancelling classes tomorrow. 

1.  I like when it is cold that I can make potato soup.  The problem is that I ended up with enough to feed a small army.

2.  I like that I found these freezer bowls 2 pkg of four for $5.  It helps with my excessive cooking.

I made 1 up for the freezer and another one for the fridge.  Lets just say that I had Potato Soup 3 days.  I still have a big bowl in the freezer which will be a couple of meals later on.

3.  I like it when you get a GWP (Gift With Purchase).  I bought a quilt kit from Craftsy, and when it arrived  I also had this 5 inch pack of batiks included. 
4. I like my pantry that Jeff built me last year with the barn door.  Much of the shelving in the pantry was rescued from the garbage pit at work. Bobbin loves to wander through.  Not too sure what she things she will find.

5.  I obviously like this batik winter fabric.  I have discovered that I have it in 3 different cuts of yardage.

I seem to keep ordering it over and over.

6.  I like that my pets are good sports.  Samantha my daughter bought them holiday hats.

Bobbin sporting the reindeer hat.

Lucy modeling the same hat.

Lucy rocking the penguin hat.

7.  I like these Ackfeld hangers.  Unfortunately I cannot share the wall hanging that goes with it.  

8.  I do love the snow.  But after shoveling 3 different times, snow that was at least 2 -3 inches each time.  This is the last check, I had shoveled at 6 pm and this is at 9 pm.

Oh yes and we plowed once already.  Will do another pass late tonight or early in the morning.

9.  I like being snowed in.  I have no reason for not sewing.  See there is a silver lining to this.  :D

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  1. Great that you can come out of this with a smile! It's snowing right now here, too...just a light fluffy fall. Actually, as i don't have to be anywhere i am just so enjoying the quiet whirl of pretty and so far untouched by plows...hugs, Julierose ("Sleigh Bells ring, are ya listnin? In the lane, snow is glistnin? " ;)))

  2. Hi Colette,
    Oh, those little hats for Bobbin and Lucy are so darn cute. Lucy does not look thrilled to be a reindeer but she rocks the penguin! That is adorable. And so are those light bulb hangers! Can't wait to see what the wall hanging that will go on it. Snow. ~sigh~ I have had enough already with the Alberta clippers coming every other day. But it does look pretty and December is the time for it. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. I cannot imagine how exhausting plowing and shoveling that amount of snow is! Neat wall hangers. Lucy does not look happy. LOL. Stay warm! mary in Az

  4. I'm a native Texan, and, I've had enough snow to last a lifetime. I don't mind a dusting, but, anymore than that, you can keep. Now they are predicting snow for when we travel home, after Christmas. Grrr. Where we will be, they don't have snowplows, etc, since snow doesn't happen very often. Not good, since we have to get my son and DIL to the airport, 6 hours away. Enjoy your potato soup.

  5. I chuckled that you have multiple cuts of the same fabric. You know what you like! I've done the same thing, but on purpose... I just needed more of it. :-) And that unexpected bundle of batiks - how cool!

    That pantry is pretty cool, and leftovers are always a good thing for a night you don't feel like cooking. I have a bunch in the freezer, so it seems new again when it was originally cooked a month ago.

    Thanks for sharing - these were fun!

  6. Good for you to find the silver lining in the tough things! I hope you are about done with shoveling and can enjoy some sewing. The hats on your animals are fun! That fabric is beautiful, I can see why you would order lots of it! Happy Thursday!

  7. So I chuckled when I saw Bobbin in the reindeer hat...then Lucy - oh, my!! that picture would make a great notecard for friends stressed over the Christmas prep bustle. She sure has a look about her. Good thing we are not close enough for you to slug me, we only got about an inch out of the latest snow. The blowing and drifting delayed school for a couple hours this morning but all in all, pretty easy outcome so far. Sounds like you have it in hand though, proud of you!!

  8. I made potato soup with tbe rest of the broth from the Thanksgiving turkey, and, yes, it made way too much, an sadly, I didn't get half in the freezer, so it's still breeding bacteria in the fridge. Ugh.
    We've had almost daily snow for the last week and now bitter cold. I'm ready for spring.
    Thanks for the happy post.

  9. bobbin looks cute but lucy looks sour

  10. Fun post. I'll take a bowl of soup....grin. Love the pet hats...too cute.

  11. I'll take a bowl of soup too! LOL we too are getting the snow a little at a time and when you think you are done shoveling, more comes. remember that poem that starts out the snow is so pretty and ends up on the tenth day wanting to hit the snowplow guy with the shovel???? lol

  12. ha ha I am at work laughing - just as well no-on else is here! Lucy does not look impressed about that reindeer hat! Her face is a treasure. Poor Bobbin is too small for anything. That potato soup looks yummy but too hot for us to eat at the moment as the sun is up and summer is playing nice! Love Snowy, Karen, Baa and Hannah

  13. The snow may be pretty to look at, but it is not something that I would like to deal with in life.

    Love the hats on the animals - especially Bobbin's. Soooo cute.

  14. I amd sending you warm wishes! The potato soup sounds wonderful. :) And the hats for your pets are just too fun! I just discovered Ackfield hangers this year and love them! I look forward to when you may share what goes with yours. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  15. Oh your snow is pretty....but I agree it gets to be a lot of work. Okay...your pets cracked me up! Thanksfor that!

  16. Yummy looking potato soup! I seriously wish I lived closer so you could cook for me, quilt my quilts, and make me laugh with your ambitious adventures. No snow here and even if it did it wouldn't be close to what you have. Wow!


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