Sunday, December 17, 2017

Hurry Down My Chimney Tonight

Santa Baby, and hurry down my chimney tonight.

I love the holiday sales.  I really love the companies that do the 12 days of Christmas!  Some great deals for things that I have been wanting (notice I didn't say I needed).

The Featherweight Shop had a walking foot for a featherweight.

I also bought a 1/4 inch foot to see if it helps.  I hate putting painter's tape on my machine, and peeling it off every time I need to clean it so I can remove the throat plate.

I have been waiting for this pattern for a while.  Since I needed something else from that shop, I ordered the pattern too.  

I had to have Elizabeth Harman's Delightful Desert.  I loved the coyote, and the doe.

Clearance fabric at $6 a yard from another shop.

I bought some Aurifil 12 wt wool thread to work on the Buttermilk Basin applique quilt. 

Yep I prepped and thought I would do a little sewing last night.

And discovered I didn't have any of the wool thread close to the arrow color.  So I ordered some more hoping to get a match. 

One of the LQS had a great 12 days of Christmas/Santa Stuff My Stocking event.  Every day you would get an e-mail with 5 or 6 different items.  You would send an e-mail to the quilt shop telling them which items you wanted.

A couple of project totes.

Wool dryer balls.  I cannot use the dryer sheets, even the unscented, something about it with my body chemistry it makes me offend other people's olfactory senses.  LOL

A super cute shopping tote full of.....

While I am not a drinker, I bought this wineglass for my sister.  I can show it here, because she doesn't read my blog.  I have to get my last set of gifts wrapped and in the mail this week.

It says wine whenever, quilting forever.

Two different sets of Aurifil thread, iron off (iron cleaner), sewing bandaids and tissue, a quilt related coffee cup, the Olfa Endurance blades, thread snips.

A 2 1/2 inch x 6 creative grids ruler, glue baste, a $50 gift certificate when I use it everything I buy will be 25% off, and a fat quarter card so I can get up to 12 fat quarters for $2.50 a piece, and a super cute little flashlight. 

The creative grids ultimate flying geese tool, and 2 patterns.

Finally the Mega Pressing mat.  I thought it would be nice.  I want to get a little wooden TV tray that I can make into a pressing area for when I am sewing. 

Unfortunately while I was waiting for my turn at the LQS I wandered a bit.

I bought a cute note pad, a couple of cute patterns, a quilt kit, a fat quarter, nail file, and 3 yards for white Christmas fabric.....I have a plan, sometimes seeing things on Facebook or Instagram you get ideas. 


  1. showoff starting your buttermilk basin quilt LOL I will do mine in cotton not wool. so that will be a later on project for me.
    love your new acquisitions "needed" or "wanted" doesn't matter. if it makes you happy that is all that counts.

  2. You found a lot of great stuff!! I enjoyed shopping the sales too! Free Shipping and a sale gets me everytime.
    Merry Christmas
    xx, Carol

  3. Ha! Looks like you found some cute things, that bag must be like the TARDIS, bigger on the inside...and I see you are acquiring a nice wool thread stash too :)

  4. Looks like some fun deals. Do you have to wrap them all and put them under the tree for yourself???

  5. It looks like Christmas came early for you. Enjoy all your new goodies.

  6. You have sooo many goodies! (Reading your post reminded me I need to put painter's tape on my machine to mark 1/4" - my 1/4" foot is slightly off, which made a block I pieced earlier this year a bit tricky...)

    Enjoy your wonderful quilting goodies!

  7. I think quilt store shopping with you would be a blast. You find so many amazing things!

  8. You found lots of goodies, and all on sale, too! I love Elizabeth Hartman's fun animal quilts, but have never made one. I'll look forward to seeing yours! I have some wool dryer balls that a friend made herself! I haven't tried them yet, but will post about them when I do.


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