Friday, December 29, 2017

Post Holiday Blues

When I was younger I remember getting the post holiday blues.  I don't know if it was selfishness (I didn't get what I wanted), or feeling inadequate in someway, like I didn't fulfill my duties as a mother, daughter, wife in making Christmas and the holidays perfect.

The past few years I don't get the  blues other than missing being with all of my family, and those that have passed on.  I seem to have an inner peace and joy about the holidays.  I like making cookies with the Samantha and  boys.  Decorating, and buying or making the gifts, but most of all I feel content.

During some of the pre Christmas sales I picked up gifts for next year, but also a few things for myself.

What girl can say no to red blingy scissors?  I can't.

A Fat Quarter pack of batiks from Missouri Star Quilt Company.  The price was too good to pass up.

A huge pack of fat quarters from Hawthorne Threads of Claudie Pfeil's new line of fabric called Wordplay.

After this past year I think it is important to do something to make a difference.  It may help me in a way by providing a gift idea, or it may be doing something for another person, or a service for others.
One of my friends from grade school shared a link about these bracelets.  They are made by women in Nepal.  It helps them to avoid being sold as child brides, or as sex slaves to help their families survive. 

They are crocheted and beaded, and easily roll up over your hand.  I purchased several for gifts.

Speaking of human trafficking, here is a scary statistic.  Michigan ranks number 2 in the nation for human trafficking depending on where you get your data. The number one rank floats between California, and Nevada.  I find that terrifying really. 

I have done a wee bit of sewing.  But nothing really exciting to show yet.  I have plans though.  I think I will wait and share it in my next post. 


  1. the holidays I think make many a little down afterward. I think it is taking down the decorations, the festivities may be over, and the general day to day is back. love your bracelets. and yes helping others gives us a purpose and helps us as well. hubs and I are going to sew wheelchair quilts together this year. this oughta be fun LOL

  2. That Michigan Statistic is staggering. I live 3 miles from the State Line. I'm going to research that more. I'm wondering if there is an area where most victims are taken from. We often hear about kidnappings or attempted kidnappings on the news from small cities in South West Michigan.

    Love those bling scissors! I am totally resisting purchasing more fabric, NOT!! I am a sucker for novelty fabrics, and addicted to on line fabric stores.
    Stay Warm.
    Happy New Year.
    xx, Carol

  3. Mine is after new years til Easter. When I used to get blue, not so much now that I quilt. !it's if great goodies

  4. Looks like some fun new goodies, that statistic is shocking - hard to believe it happens around here - guess I should get my head out of the sand :(

  5. It seems unreal to me that we have human trafficking in our country, but we do and it is scary! The internet has made it even easier for predators to search and find their victims. You bought some fun stuff! I bought a couple fabric items, but not too many. I'm so behind on my sewing and adding too much more fabric to my pile will send me scurrying to the corner to put on my strait jacket. LOL I finished two quilts today, so I'm feeling good!

  6. I had no idea how prevalent the human trafficking problem was until I recently saw a documentary on it. It is beyond shocking. The bracelets are so pretty and go to such a great cause.

    Happy new year, Colette.

  7. I haven't had a chance to slow down long enough to get the blues. I'm still trying to get caught up on blog reading, so that I can head to my sewing room.


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