Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Gift Reveal

Christmas is over, my children all received their gifts so I can share what I made them.  Nothing huge or spectacular.

I made each of my daughters, and myself a small Christmas Wall hanging.  It is only 6 inches wide and about 20 inches long  I found the hangers on sale this summer during a Christmas in July sale and ordered 5....I had plans. What is really funny is that I had 3 made--OK not completely but at least sewn, not quilted,  before Jeff died.  In the hullabaloo that followed I lost the three I had made.  I came across one in June, which reminded me what I was doing for gifts, and resigned myself to making 3 more.  Did I start them?  Um nope just wasn't feeling much of anything at the time.

I am talking to my mother and lament that I lost the gifts I was making.  I have found one, but cannot locate the other 2.  My mom's comment is aren't you making me one too?  Um no wasn't really planning on it.    Hence the reason for ordering 5 hangers during the Christmas in July sale.

Late August and guess what I found?  Another one! Now I have 2.   Still not quite prepared.  I resign myself to making the others, so buy fabric to make one of the daughter's  in the colors that she likes to decorate with for Christmas.  Did I start to sew the 3 I need? Yep,  nope.  Oh you know me too well.

Here was the teaser I shared.

End of November/1st of December and guess what?  Nope I have not started to sew my 3 to make up for the ones I am missing.  Nor have I found the one.  I decide to get on the ball and get them finished.  I cut backgrounds.--shown above when I realize that I keep buying the same yardage over and over, and decided to make one more.  I go on a search for the fabric to make the screw threads, and the bulbs.  And guess what?  I found the 3rd one!  I also realize I am a hanger short so I order one more. I started working and finished the 4 by December 11th and they were in the mail to my mother that day with almost all of the west coast gifts.  One for each of the 2 daughters living in Oregon, one for my mother and one for my sister in law.  Each with the super cute wire hangers.

I finish the one for the daughter that lives next door, and I put the last stitch in my binding on the 23rd so it can hang with my Christmas decor.

I used Aurifil embroidery thread to make the wire that connects the bulbs, and it actually ran through my old Singer 66-14 pretty well.

I quilted around each bulb and the screw portion with a shiny metallic thread.

Turned out pretty cute.

In January I had also decided to make my daughters microwave bowl cozies.  Four for the oldest in her kitchen colors green and gray.

 Four in the colors of the middle daughter's kitchen colors with baseballs of course because they love baseball.

I finished up the 6 cozies for the youngest daughter on the 23rd of December, late in the evening hence the darker colors, really truly the colors are amazing.  Glad I had the others made by the end of February, or I would have really been struggling.

I just love the VanGogh Sunflower fabric.

The complementary fabrics that look like his brush strokes.

Those are the gifts I made.

What did I receive?  These are what I received from my family.

My daughter bought me these socks.  But they have disappeared mysteriously?  Bobbin?  Lucy?

My mom sent me a calendar from the feed store near where I grew up and of course it has antique tractors!  I also got a yard of chicken fabric.

My parents also sent me money so I bought a new hair straightener....mine seemed to have grown legs and left my house and ventured down the driveway to the house next door.  Months ago I discovered! 

I received my gift from my sister late this afternoon.  

Rogue soda from a manufacturer in Oregon, Coffee, and a coffee cup.

 Love the coffee cup.  Portland has many bridges, and when you see them you instantly think Portland.

My daughters also banded together and bought me a rolling sewing machine case.

They make me laugh.  Obviously their motto is go big, or go home.
I looked and asked, "Is that the size I told you I was looking at?"
I was told, "Oh no, we decided you needed the biggest one."
ROFL.  OK I really can't complain.  I will say a machine, pressing mat, cutting mat, and project box, rulers,  as well as the project will fit in that case easily.  I mean my suitcase when I travel isn't even that large.  I could take Bobbin with me also.  But I will say I love it.

So this post is getting kind of long.  I will share more of the Christmas bounty I received Friday.


  1. awesome looks like you had a great Christmas. and your gifts were done in the nick of time LOL I have sooooooooo done that.
    (deer quilt) yeah........my poor brother will be old and gray
    wait...he already is LOL I think Lucy took those socks as she saw Bobbins face on them. I bet she hid them very well LOL

  2. Those little Christmas wall hangings are so adorable!! Lovely work! Looks like you got great gifts, too...
    Still in "No Sew Land"--no mojo from Santa either...hugs, Julierose

  3. I'm so glad you had a good Christmas. I got some fuzzy socks and Harley claimed them for his immediately. There is a cute meme on Min Pins that basically says what they see is their's and always will be. I have found that to be true, lol.

    The quilt hangers are so cute and the pattern you paired it with is perfect. I've been seeing those cozies around a lot. Everyone seems to like them. Very useful gifts.
    Happy New Year.
    xx, Carol

  4. Hiya, Merry Belated Christmas, I took a few days off the internet as my present :) It looks like you did well my friend both in the giving and the receiving. Hope you are warm and cozy today, brrrr is it cold out there!!

  5. Great Christmas!! Have a Great New Year as wwell.

  6. Lovely gifts both coming and going! I can relate to loosing projects. I love those quilt holders with the light banners.

  7. Looks like you were very busy and made such lovely gifts! Nice that you had them done in time!


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