Wednesday, November 29, 2017

November Thankful Day 30

 I made it every day for 30 days.  Some items I found something new every day, some items I didn't.  But what I do know is that I shared a lot of wonderful memories.  I had a tough time choosing what to be thankful for on my last day.  Not that I didn't have anything, but it was a toss up between being thankful for times of trial because they make you stronger, or memories.  I decided I would choose.....

 30.  November 30- I am thankful for memories.  As we age our mind tend to forget.  I mean come on how many of us have walked from one room into the other to do something and totally forgot what we went to do?   As I wrote each one of these posts, looking for pictures, they each one triggered a memory of a time, place, sometimes a scent, or sound.....some brought tears for my/our loss, but many brought smiles.

29.  November 29- I am thankful for nature

28. November 28- I am thankful for my sense of humor
Come on you have to admit that you have to have a sense of humor when one of the neighbors erects a pirate ship on their pond.  Complete with crows nest, sales and jolly roger. 

27.  November 27-  I am thankful for baking
My cookies from when I participated in Carol at Just Let Me Quilts virtual cookie exchange.

26.  November 26-  I am thankful for Kindness

25.  November 25-  I am thankful for Cell phones, and the ability to call long distance

24. November 24 - I am thankful for Quilt designers that share QAL, SAL, and mystery quilts. Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt

23.  November 23-  I am thankful for Jeff
This is Jeff holding Finn the day he was born.

Jeff playing with Cayden.  This was the first time that Cayden met Jeff, and he was fascinated by him, and we laughed and laughed at how he instantly took to him. 

22.  November 22-  I am thankful for chickens

21.  November 21-  I am thankful for Family

20.  November 20-  I am thankful for my Heritage

19.  November 19-  I am thankful for flowers
I love columbine.  For some reason my pink ones didn't come back but I have loads of purples.

18.  November 18-  I am thankful for blogging and the friends I have made

17.  November 17-  I am thankful for quilting

 I had made this Christmas table runner, at least cut the parts out and they hung on my bulletin board for a couple of years.  I finally grabbed it and finished it.

16.  November 16-  I am thankful for Calder's Dairy and Egg nogg

15.  November 15-  I am thankful for my options to worship

14.  November 14-  I am thankful for my Kindle and all the books that I have the opportunity to read, and the local library.  I can listen to my Kindle while sewing.  I have read over 140 books so far this year. 

13.  November 13.  I am thankful for Lucy the cat.

12.  November 12--I am thankful for Bobbin

Bobbin helping me while pressing my fabric

11.  November 11  I am thankful for my tenacious character to get things done.
When Jeff was busy working pushing snow I had him walk me through a crash, no not that kind of crash, course on how to use the plow.

I don't do too bad when I do it.

10.  November 10--I am thankful for fall.

9.  November 9 I am thankful for saved items.  Maybe I should call them hoarded items.
This is a gate to a chain link fence.  I have two of them one for each of my roses, and they love climbing it. 

8.  November 8--I am thankful for music.

7.  November 7-- I am thankful for the Boy Scout organization.

6.  November 6--I am thankful that I can shop online.

5.  November 5--I am thankful that I could get new doors in my home to add more light.

4.  November 4.   I am thankful for coffee.

3.  November 3.  I am thankful for the roof over my head.  I love falling asleep to the rain on the standing seam steel roof which is over 150 years old.

2.  November 2.    I am thankful for the fact my feet hit the floor every morning, whether I want to get out of bed or not.

1.  November 1.  I am thankful for every morning I wake up--too many people don't get to see the light of another day.  Thinks about it how would you act if you knew that today was your last day on Earth?  Today is a gift.  Tomorrow is not promised. 


  1. Your pictures always bring a smile to my face, hope they are doing that and more for you. Hugs my friend.

  2. awe, I love your likes, and you

  3. Always inspired by your blog! Hugs and have a great week!

  4. Good Morning,
    Contrats on making it through the entire month with thankful posts. I think you probably found it worthwhile? Oh boy, I can certainly say yes I walk from one room to another and then forget why. I had to really chuckle with the pirate ship in your neighbor's pond. Heehee - ahoy matey. I am participating in the virtual cookie exchange this year! Are you too? Last day of November means that tomorrow starts the countdown to the end of this year. ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. Hooray for a whole month of thankfulness, and thanks for inspiring me to do it, too. I definitely am thankful for memories and photos that help prompt them. That pirate ship is a hoot!

  6. I read each and every one and share so many of these likes with you. So far away geographically but so similar in our lives. My hubby has yet to show me how to use the snow plow but I would love to learn.

  7. I have loved reading your thankful posts. Memories are to be treasured for sure!

  8. It has been a great month with you, Colette. Thank goodness for memories. I think that was a great choice.

  9. being thankful is always a good choice. great to see what you are thankful for and sharing memories with you the whole month. hope it helps put a smile on your face.

  10. Memories are a funny thing. When you are in a group of friends or family, the atmosphere is usually happy when we start to share a memory or two. Everyone usually enters the conversation with their own. Sometimes when we are alone and remembering, we don't feel quite so alone. After a month of focusing on something to be thankful for, I'm pretty sure you will continue the process each day because it certainly have become a habit for me.
    xx, Carol

  11. Congrats on your completion of a full month of thankfulness! They were amazing posts with great pics, projects, and thoughts. Good for you!

  12. A whole month of thankfulness. A whole month of blessings. That pirate ship is quite something!

  13. You have the gift of humor and of knowing how to turn a word. Congratulations!

  14. I have really enjoyed these posts. I mentioned them in Sunday school last week. The class loved the idea of a month of thankfulness.


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