Sunday, November 5, 2017

November Thankful Day 6

Wow it has been a wild couple of days.  We have had very mild weather, and massive thunder and lightning storms for much of the  evening for the past few days.

I was making a list....all of the things I am thankful for.  Can I just say that I feel like I am truly blessed with the abundance that I have been provided.

6.  November 6-- I am thankful that I can shop online.  I do try to support my local quilt shops and businesses, but there are times that they just don't have what I want or need.  I will say that there are a few local stores I refuse my patronage due to the customer service. 

I found the gold toe socks and the merino wool socks on Amazon!  I will say I wore a pair of the Merino wool socks today.

I will say I buy a lot of my clothes online too.  I have never had to return something because of the fit.  

I also bought pins recently.  I am hard on my pins.  I like the flower head pins, but I destroy those so fast. I pop their little heads off all the time.  I decided to try something different and see how it goes.

5.  November 5.  My new French Doors which provide me with more light.  I am thankful for the light, and the fact that I can afford to make some upgrades to my home.

4.  November 4.   I am thankful for coffee.   I love my coffee, I don't have to have Starbucks that is my special treat coffee, which I don't indulge in often.  Also helps I live in a rural area and the closest Starbucks are about 10-15 miles away.  I always have a pot on.

3.  November 3.  I am thankful for the roof over my head.  I love falling asleep to the rain on the standing seam steel roof which is over 150 years old.

2.  November 2.    I am thankful for the fact my feet hit the floor every morning, whether I want to get out of bed or not.

1.  November 1.  I am thankful for every morning I wake up--too many people don't get to see the light of another day.  Thinks about it how would you act if you knew that today was your last day on Earth?  Today is a gift.  Tomorrow is not promised.


  1. It's wonderful to read your thankfulness thoughts! I thought I was the only one who destroyed those flower pins...I thought perhaps I was buying no-name pins! Good luck with your new ones!

  2. I have some of those flower and star pins. have not used them yet. I still use my trusty yellow ball head ones on my pincushion LOL if it aint broke dont fix it right? LOL I know the weather here is changing too. been down in 30s in mornings. brrrrrrrr...... I am thankful for the hobby of quilting it keeps me sane

  3. Here it's been one day hot next day freezing !! playing havoc with my sinuses!! Full moon has kept me awake tonight...grrrr.
    Hugs, julierose

  4. Pretty socks, wish I could wear wool...stupid allergy, ha! Those pins are my favorites, bet you will like them :)

  5. My closest quilt store isn't friendly to customers, unless you are in the 'in' crowd. We've complained for many years, and they didn't care. In years past, we would have Thursday sew-in days in the classroom, and, we'd make sure to 'shop' in the store on those days, to support them. A couple of years ago, they told us that we'd have to start paying $10 to sew in the classroom, and schedule it. NONE of us that came ever used the classroom again, and, they lost our business, since we no longer visited the shop on Thursdays. I haven't been in about a year now, but, I keep hearing that they don't have any new inventory in the shop, just old fabrics from the past few years. They are now paying for their actions. On the other hand, there is another shop, a few miles past that one, where I go sew about once a month with the owner, and I spend most of my quilting $$ at her shop. Lots of new things to check out, and, she loves it when we come sew with her. I'm thankful for her and her shop.

  6. I love Amazon...maybe a little too much. I support my local quilt stores, but sometimes they don't have what I need. Let us know what you think of those pins. I have some I bought a couple years ago with pink and white flower tops. They were on a rack at Joann's for breast cancer. They've survived better than the flat head ones. I need to find more of them!

  7. I support local stores as best I can, but I have to admit I do my best shopping from my desktop. And I DO like Amazon and their free shipping. I don't buy clothes too much anymore. I live in jeans and T-shirts so I probably have enough to last forever. I did order a pair of winter boots that are coming from England. I hope I love them, but they say free return shipping so I took a chance.

    All you have to do is look out your window and there are so many things to be grateful for, aren't there.
    xx, Carol

  8. i am thankful for you and my other good friends

  9. I agree. Shopping online is a real blessing.

  10. On-line shopping is fun! I remember using Ebay a lot when we lived in Botswana and have quite a bit sent over.


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