Wednesday, November 22, 2017

November Thankful Day 23

I am a firm believe people come into your life for a purpose.  Some for a short time, others for longer times, and others drift in and out throughout your life.  Each and everyone teaches you something.  Some good, some bad.  I will say that Jeff was in my life for much too short of a time.  We were together 5 1/2 years married 4 years of that. 

23.  November 23-  I am thankful God saw fit to allow me to be part of Jeffrey LeFever's life, even if it was just for a short time.  When I first met Jeff he told me I don't laugh, and I don't smile.  I am not a happy person.  My thought was Okay.....but you sure couldn't tell that during the time he was with me.

He gave me roots, I settled down and found a home I loved.  I gave him wings.  I taught him it was alright to tell people "no" when they tried to monopolize his free time.  I showed him that being in a relationship was not one sided-- you do everything for me, but a partnership-  we did almost everything together- pushing snow, cutting, splitting wood, gardening, canning, cleaning house, yard work it was a team effort.  I taught Jeff to slow down, take a moment, breath, immerse yourself in the moment-- watch the sunrise, the sunset, the awesome grandeur of a thunderstorm, and the beauty of a bug, the immensity of our universe, the stars the moon.  Love and appreciate all of this great creation we were given.  Moments are fleeting, embrace each one.  

22.  November 22-  I am thankful for chickens
We are finally coming out of the molt I hope.  I have had several weeks where I am lucky if I get 1 egg a day.  The last couple of days I have been getting 3. 

21.  November 21-  I am thankful for Family.
My great grandfather had the most gorgeous blue eyes. 

20.  November 20-  I am thankful for my Heritage

19.  November 19-  I am thankful for flowers

18.  November 18-  I am thankful for blogging and the friends I have made

17.  November 17-  I am thankful for quilting

16.  November 16-  I am thankful for Calder's Dairy and Egg nogg

15.  November 15-  I am thankful for my options to worship

14.  November 14-  I am thankful for my Kindle and all the books that I have the opportunity to read, and the local library.  I can listen to my Kindle while sewing.  I have read over 140 books so far this year. 

13.  November 13.  I am thankful for Lucy the cat.

12.  November 12--I am thankful for Bobbin

 11.  November 11  I am thankful for my tenacious character to get things done.

 10.  November 10--I am thankful for fall.

9.  November 9 I am thankful for saved items.  Maybe I should call them hoarded items.
Jeff found this old trunk going into the garbage pit.  Of course it had to be rescued.

8.  November 8--I am thankful for music.
In memory of David Cassidy that passed away on Tuesday November 21, 2017.

 7.  November 7-- I am thankful for the Boy Scout organization.

 6.  November 6--I am thankful that I can shop online.
I bought this fabric recently for a project, but it didn't quite make the "cut". 

5.  November 5--I am thankful that I could get new doors in my home to add more light.

4.  November 4.   I am thankful for coffee.

3.  November 3.  I am thankful for the roof over my head.  I love falling asleep to the rain on the standing seam steel roof which is over 150 years old.

2.  November 2.    I am thankful for the fact my feet hit the floor every morning, whether I want to get out of bed or not.

1.  November 1.  I am thankful for every morning I wake up--too many people don't get to see the light of another day.  Thinks about it how would you act if you knew that today was your last day on Earth?  Today is a gift.  Tomorrow is not promised.  


  1. Have a great Thanksgiving my friend. my thoughts will be with you and your family this first Thanksgiving without Jeff. <3 hugs

  2. Such a beautiful post! What a wonderful duo you made...thinking of you on this holiday weekend.

  3. GREAt post Collette. It tells us so very much about you. What a grand shot of Jeff and you together. I know you feel loss today on the day for Thankfulness, and there are no words to comfort, but I stand by you feeling your loss too. Wish I could hug you and pet the pets. LeeAnna

  4. Have a wonderful thanksgiving, Rheema--love the picture of you and Jeff--I am thankful that you had your Jeff for 5 1/2 years of bliss.
    you are right --people come and go into and out of your life...I am thankful you have come into mine...hugs Julierose

  5. I've enjoyed your thankful posts so much. I hope you are surrounded by family today and wonderful memories of your life with Jeff. Thanksgiving blessings to you!

  6. What a beautiful tribute to Jeffrey and the marvelous connection/partnership you obviously shared. A wonderful post of likes that I also share even to the going to sleep to the sound of rain on our metal roof. We really have to do this from time to time, don't my grandmother would put it-count our blessings, name them one by one. Thanks for all this today!

  7. Great photo's of you and Jeff. So glad you really lived that 5 1/2 years. what a blessing you were to him and him to you. Blessed.

  8. Love the long list you are doing, Collette. I am so sorry to hear you lost your husband. How precious to record these memories of your time together.
    Sandy in the UK

  9. It sounds like you two were exactly what the other one needed. You brought out the best in each other. I'm sorry it ended too soon.

  10. Your love story is an inspiration for me. Thank you for all these thankful posts.


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