Tuesday, November 21, 2017

November Thankful Day 22

Welcome to November 22 and my 22nd thankful post.

22.  November 22--I am thankful for my chickens.  I know it may sound silly. 

After Jeff was killed I had to keep getting out of bed, because Lucy and the chickens gave me purpose.  They needed to be cared for, fed, watered, eggs gathered.  I look forward to my trip to the coop a couple of times a day. 

21.  November 21-  I am thankful for Family--
I learned this years ago.  Family can be people you are related to, but the woman I called my great grandmother was not family.  But she raised me as her own. 

20.  November 20-  I am thankful for my Heritage

19.  November 19-  I am thankful for flowers

18.  November 18-  I am thankful for blogging and the friends I have made.  Every day you ladies lift me up. 

17.  November 17-  I am thankful for quilting.

16.  November 16-  I am thankful for Calder's Dairy and Egg nog

15.  November 15-  I am thankful for my options to worship

14.  November 14-  I am thankful for my Kindle and all the books that I have the opportunity to read, and the local library.  I can listen to my Kindle while sewing.  I have read over 140 books so far this year. 

13.  November 13.  I am thankful for Lucy the cat.

12.  November 12--I am thankful for Bobbin

11.  November 11  I am thankful for my tenacious character to get things done.

10.  November 10--I am thankful for fall.

9.  November 9 I am thankful for saved items.  Maybe I should call them hoarded items.
The trellis for my honeysuckle was made from a crib spring that Jeff saved from the pit.  Of course he had to paint it John Deere Green.

8.  November 8--I am thankful for music.
When Jeff and I were traveling with the little boys they complained about the music on the IPod.  Jeff told them, you know someday you are going to be old enough to go to bars, and this is one of those songs that when it comes on everyone sings along with it.  Learn it, love it. 
The boys were a bit disappointed when we ate lunch at The Vault in Hot Springs, South Dakota, and the ladies changed the channel to the Disney Channel when the boys came in.  Someday though they will get to sing this song. 

7.  November 7-- I am thankful for the Boy Scout organization.

 6.  November 6--I am thankful that I can shop online.

5.  November 5--I am thankful that I could get new doors in my home to add more light.

4.  November 4.   I am thankful for coffee.

3.  November 3.  I am thankful for the roof over my head.  I love falling asleep to the rain on the standing seam steel roof which is over 150 years old.

2.  November 2.    I am thankful for the fact my feet hit the floor every morning, whether I want to get out of bed or not.

1.  November 1.  I am thankful for every morning I wake up--too many people don't get to see the light of another day.  Thinks about it how would you act if you knew that today was your last day on Earth?  Today is a gift.  Tomorrow is not promised. 


  1. your chickens are so purty. and you are right. when you have to care for others it gives a purpose to our day. Have a great Thanksgiving my friend. and save me some pie!

  2. It's a gift to have something to get yourself up out of bed for--I hope your Thanksgiving is full of comforting memories...hugs, Julierose

  3. Good Morning. I have been reading each of these Thankful posts, though I don't always comment. I look for something in each day to be thankful for, and reading your posts always gives me a nudge and a look to my inner self.

    I was pretty taken with this post. In retrospect you see that your chickens gave you a purpose when you needed to remember you had many. It's easy to admire you for the strength you have. Easy to remember how hard these holidays will be for you. And happy for you that you have the chickens and Bobbin.
    xx, Carol

  4. Our pets give us purpose. Yes, something to be thankful for. I'm thankful that my son's garage flooding wasn't worse, and that the space heaters didn't start a fire (they are moving from one apartment to another, in Alaska, and the power was cut off, thus, a heating pipe in the garage burst, and the flood was discovered quickly). It only got their books (much loved books) and DVD's and videos and sheets wet, thank goodness. Sheets wash, DVD's will be ok (not sure about all the cases or videos) and hopefully they will still be able to read the books, thru warped pages. It all could have been so much worse. Happy Thanksgiving! Always remember the good.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving my friend, I am sure your ladies are glad they are getting fed this Thanksgiving instead of being on the table!

  6. I remember years ago when I worked at the Uni of Auckland - I went to work by Ferry each day across the harbour and we had chickens and bee hives - wonderful days. Karen

  7. I live in the country, but we have an HOA....no poultry. You should be thankful for your 🐔..enjoy


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