Saturday, February 22, 2014


I know it sounds like a silly question, and I am sure to some people it is a "hot button" topic.  But are you a helpmate to your spouse or significant other, and are they a helpmate to you?

While I may "blow my own horn" about learning to snow plow, mowing the lawn, working in the garden it isn't so much to say "Look at me" but in a way it is too.  I am a very lucky old hubby helps me just as much as I help him, but what is even better is the praise I get from him, and the gratitude.  Which kind of goes into my word of the year.  Grateful.

When I mow the lawn, stack wood, plow snow-while it takes away from my sewing time it does give him a gift of time to do what he wants.  Just like when  he cleans the bathroom, empties the dishwasher it give me time to do what I want to do. 

I wanted a quilting machine and frame, but with out budget and house needs it is cost prohibitive.  DH attended quilt shows with me, talked to the sales people, check out the different features.  What did we like about the different frames, what didn't we like about the different frames, and what could he fabricate from what he found in the garbage pit at work.

This is what he created.  He measured it to work with my Husqvarna Viking.  We have figured out how to make leaders to load the machine (that is my job to work on next), the only thing we discovered that may need to change is that I  need longer handles for the carriage.  DH created a wonderful platform for it to slide on and playing with it a little today I cannot wait to load a quilt on it.   I am so grateful for this wonderful gift. 

We have discussed leaving it here on the sun room porch, or taking it up to one of the bedrooms upstairs.  Here I have beautiful light, but it is cold!  But a small milk house heater warms up the space in no time at all.  During the summer it is hot in here, but with the windows, and the ceiling fan it is quite pleasant. 

To take it upstairs we have to actually borrow a bucket truck and take it through an upstairs window.  The light up there is not as nice as the sun porch.  I think I  may beg to stay right here.


  1. What a wonderful gift. My first frame had the canvas leaders just stuck on somehow, but they started to come unglued. We took them off, cleaned off all the glue, and then used 2-piece velcro with one side stuck to the poles and the other stitched to the canvas. My current frame has the leaders riveted on. I actually prefer the velcro version, cos then, when I need to unsew (far too often) I just unvelcro and can go sit comfortably to do it ( my back won't let me stand bending over for very long) then all I have to do is re-velcro it. No lining up/repinning or anything.

  2. What a sweet gift your husband made for you and that view while your quilting looks wonderful!

  3. You have a wonderful "helpmate" for sure. How creative and thoughtful of him to make that quilting frame for you. And it's touching to hear how much you appreciate his efforts. Have fun with your new baby, exploring and playing will bring you lots of fun and probably some frustration, too. I have a fairly new frame and mid arm and enjoy learning how to use it. My hubby is great, too. He has been working hard for over a month now expanding my sewing room for me.

  4. Love this post. My husband and I are helpmates for each other. We do a lot of stuff together and we like it that way. What an awesome gift from your guy. Looks like a great room and sounds you have a plan to stay warm and cool. Can't wait to see your first quilt done with your new frame.


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