Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Ever have one of those days you just can't really settle down and do anything?  I am having that day! OK I have been having that week. 

We have gotten so much snow, and what a lot of people don't think of when you get this much is where does it go when it is plowed?  Around our house,  because we have such a large drive which circles to the Ancient Uncles there is a pile by the back deck between the house and garage which is over 5 foot high, a couple of piles by the ancient uncles which are a good 4 foot high, and a couple of piles between the garage and barn, and on the backside of the barn.

Municipalities have a whole other challenge.  They pile it into the off street parking as best they can.  But then there is no parking for downtown so it needs to go somewhere.  DH went to work at 2 am a couple of  mornings ago to  move those piles by loading them into dump trucks and taking them to the landfill.  This is the 2nd time they have had to do it this way this winter.  The landfill is called 40 acres, they are down to less than 30 due to the 10 ft high snow piles on 10 of the acres. 

I woke up this morning to -8.  At least there was no wind chill, but this afternoon it is so beautiful, and sunny.  I thought I would wander out and take some snaps.

Piles of snow between the barn.  They don't look that substantial, but when you stand by them they are over 4 foot tall.

The neighbor's pond.  See that pile to the right of the tree?  I think it looks like an ice bee skip.  It is where the fountain to maintain the water movement was, it created that ice formation which is several feet high.  Not too sure if he finally shut off the fountain, or that the ice finally closed over it. 

I also had a chance to get outside pictures of my two quilts.

Oh how I love the way the colors just pop in the sun!

Lazy Sunday Mystery the colors are so much nicer.  Daffodil yellow, and sky blue!
See what I mean about the colors!  

I need to figure out what to sew next so inside I go.  



  1. Your quilts are great! I remember when we lived in Erie, PA and we did not have any off street parking and the snow would get plowed up next to our car. What a pain that was! They would have huge piles of snow in the parking lots.

  2. Here in the UK we're having really bad flooding in some areas, so the fire brigade and army are out pumping the water away, but what I want to know is, where are they pumping it to? Usually it's pumped back to the rivers, but that wont help in this case will it?

  3. Both quilts are lovely and that is a lot of snow especially if they are having to haul it out.

  4. I know y'all are tired of the snow, but it is beautiful, in pictures anyway. Your quilts sure pop in it !

  5. Your quilts look beautiful out in the snow. I'm so ready for spring!

  6. whew! you sure have gotten a lot of snow. your quilts are just so pretty against the white snow.

  7. When God gives you snow, make photo shoots for your quilts!!! They are absolutely gorgeous - especially love the Jewel Box!!!


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