Sunday, February 23, 2014

Just the Basics

Many quilters have decided to go on a fabric diet.  I am going to assume that is because they have a good stash of "staples".  Thread, fabric, blenders, batting, and all the accoutrements.

While working on my most recent quilt I realized that I am lacking some basics.  I have a nice stash, lots of scraps, but I don't have a lot of basics which would be considered neutrals, or blenders.  When I made Bonnie Hunter's Easy Street I had to buy a lot of black on white fabrics so that I could make the quilt.

I realized the other day I don't have many basics.  I don't have much white tone on tone, or black on white, or black tone on tone. I don't have many solids so it is tough to start a quilt.

I had to do some serious stash enhancement of black tone on tone, and I scraped the bottom of the barrel for white on white, and black on white.

DH says there is no way I can fit another piece of fabric into that room.  I really must though!  I explained not having those staples is like a kitchen not having flour, sugar, or salt, or a mechanic not having oil and grease!  I think he now understands. 


  1. Love your analogy and so darn true. You sure do need those "staples". Love the blacks and grays you posted - gorgeous. And your quilt is beautiful - Wonderful color combination!

  2. so true about flour and basic fabrics. Most time when I buy fabric that is what I am buying. I am always on the lookout for great background fabrics.


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