Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Just a Few Blocks

I finally got to sew!

I know that sounds silly, there are times I find cutting relaxing.  When you are cutting hundreds of the same pieces I don't always have a lot of patience.   I actually worked on cutting up some of the scraps taking up space on my table while I was cutting, and made a bit of a dent in the scraps.  That made me feel better.

While I was cutting I was listening to a really good book called "A Wilder Rose" by Susan Albert Wittig which is a fictionalized account of Rose Wilder Lane who was a celebrated author, but also the only surviving child of Laura Ingalls Wilder of "Little House on the Prairie." The book was written based upon Rose's diaries that she wrote during the time. Recently I have seen a couple of shows about the Depression, the Dust Bowl, and some of Roosevelt's New Deal programs.  When I was growing up he is portrayed in a certain light, and I know some may call it revisionist history but in hindsight maybe not all of his New Deal programs (some which are still in place) were the best ideas. Overall a very good book.

While scrappy is not a problem for me I am struggling putting these pieces together with my limited white tone on tone, black tone on tone, and black on white fabrics.  

These are the units you start with.
To make these units.  Then you flip it over and draw two lines on the back with the line touching the corners.

Match them up with either a white tone on tone or a black on white.  Sew on the lines, and then cut apart to make these squares.
I have six blocks made, only 218 more to go!

I worked on my leaders for my quilting machine today, sew maybe not any more block sewing but I am excited about getting to use it soon!

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