Monday, February 17, 2014


OK I don't get to plow.  DH made the mistake of letting me mow the lawn in the yard once.  Um yeah, she confesses I ran into the house.  Not once, but twice!  The next time he allowed me to use the zero turn mower, I accidentally backed over the mailbox, and caught the corner of the house with the roll bar.  Geez one little mistake and I will never hear the end of it.

I don't know if you have ever skied but when you try to slow down you snow plow.  I have had to plow this week.  I have worked every day except Saturday, and my only option was to do a little grocery shopping.  Started at the meat market, and never made it any further.

I feel like I have just been plowing along.  I finished all 8 of my Farmer's Wife blocks for this month- another goal accomplished.  I am officially over halfway done!  Crazy as it sounds, I think I would like to make these again, but maybe find a simpler way of constructing some of the blocks.

Flower Pot

Garden Path

Broken Dishes
I have also been working during little increments of time I have available on my next two quilts.

I need 700 of these 2 1/2 inch squares.  I have about 200 cut so far for one quilt.

I also had to buy a box to corral all of my HST.  I have bags, small boxes, and they are sitting all over my cutting table. 

I wonder if I can get them all gathered up in one place to make something someday?  This is just a small group of them hanging out.

We are getting more snow tonight!   Hopefully it won't be too bad. 


  1. Your blocks are beautiful so your plowing along looks pretty good! Sorry you're getting so much snow. No snow here and temps have reached 70 degrees.

  2. I have never been allowed to ride a riding lawn mower because my dad was afraid of me doing the same thing and when my husband gets one, I doubt he will let me either!

  3. Your FW looks great, I still have to get 6 done before nest month rolls around.

  4. great looking blocks. I wonder why the first one is called homemaker.
    that is a lot of squares you need to cut.


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