Friday, February 21, 2014


I have been working strange hours, and I am all out of synch.  I am trying to make sure that if I work an overnight but am off the next day/night that I don't sleep over a couple of hours.  We had a couple of beautiful sunny days after my snow plowing adventure.  Lots of housework, and chores to work on, and not much sewing getting done.

I was actually able to take the rugs out of the mud room, and get some of the dirt, and salt off.  I also cleaned up the mud room/sun room and swept and then DH mopped.  Since I cleaned, and it was nice enough that the the sun room door could be opened to help heat the family room/kitchen where it had been freezing.   The blanket came off the door between the dining room and kitchen, and the blankets came off of the windows.  No more crack house! This excited DH so he insisted that the TV and all the accessories and furniture should be returned to their rightful spots.  (We found that there is going to be another round of Polar Vortex next week!)

I have been working on a new quilt.  All I have been doing is cutting.

I finished cutting my 700 2 1/2 inch squares, 56 white on white squares, and 56 black on white squares.

I struggled to get enough of the white on white, and black on white to make all the squares.  I also had to order reinforcements of black tone on tone.  Most definitely time to order new some basics of white on white, black on white, and black on black. 
I have 336-  2 1/2X 3 1/2 inch blocks to cut of this.  Then I can sew.  Do you ever get impatient to sew especially when you have been just cutting for what seems days on end? 


  1. Looks good! Our fabrics could definitely play together. What are you making? I love to cut almost as much as I love to sew! Hoping for some sun today in Boston.

  2. Love those black fabrics...looking forward to seeing your project!


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