Friday, February 7, 2014

Just Scrappin By

I don't know about you, but I am Sew over winter and snow!  We got about 10 inches Wednesday on top of the 3-4 inches of ice on the ground from last Saturday's heavy snow, then late day warm up that melted it but before it could all run off it froze again.  Treacherous!  I actually hurt my back the other day by slipping, I caught myself before I fell, but the off balance was enough to pinch a nerve, pull a muscle, something to the point where I could not even lift my leg to go up stairs, and I was in severe pain.  

Three days later, many reheated corn bags, ice bags, and a few Aleve and I am feeling much better.  I can at least pick up my foot and walk without looking like Quasimoto  or Igor. 

Since I finished Lazy Sunday my next two goals for the month were the Aurifil BOM. Done!

The square is called Mother's Day you can find the interview with the designer and a link to the pattern here.

Then I started working on my Farmer's Wife blocks.

Duck and Ducklings.  I ran out of the red and white dot and did not want to cut more so scrappier it is.
Star Gardener.  Like the block, you know the commercial where someone hits themselves in the forehead and thinks I could have had a V8?  Yea this one was it for me.  Cutting all those tiny triangles to only discover--I could have made 8 flying geese and 8 HST to make this block instead.  Can you say Grrrr.

Evening Star.  Again could have made 4 flying geese to make it much simpler.

I have 5 more to make for my goal for the month.  The block I am currently working on is called homemaker, definitely a paper piecing square.  Still a bit perplexed on what to work on next.  I have 2 finishes so I can start something new.  I have been half heartedly taking apart 4 patch units which were not used in the Jewel box quilt to use them in another project.

I have some fabric reinforcements that arrived yesterday.

The panels, and some yardage form the Janet Wecker Frisch's "She Who Sews" byQuilting Treasures.  My girls need some covers because they are dirty girls.  Like poor Rita, , Marilyn, and Scarlet.

Of course I also found a yummy batik and had to have it!

Love the colors and the squares flung about.

Sew as you can see the past couple days have been scrappy days for me.  Keep warm everyone!


  1. I don't mind the snow so much, it's the bitter cold that has been coming with it that I am so over. I am thankful for our new furnace!!

    Take care of yourself!!

  2. oh! girl! I feel for you. Winter time can be so dangerous. A couple years ago I feel on my hip while walking down my driveway. Be careful. Glad you are healing up.
    Great looking blocks.

  3. I realy need to make some covers, everything is covered with cat hair!

  4. Sorry to hear about your back...did the same thing when we had all that ice a while back....slipped just a tad but jerked my neck...hurt ! Your Farmers Wife looks pretty. I'll be watching your progress thinking I wish I had done scrappy too !

  5. You've been busy with so many pretty blocks! I'm glad you are recovering from your fall - that could have been so much worse! I've thought of getting some of that "She Who Sews" fabric - it's almost too cute to resist :)

  6. I so know that feeling "Oh I could have had V8". Your blocks are looking quite nice. Happy Quilting!


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