Thursday, February 27, 2014

Supporting the Economy

Have you ever seen a pattern or some fabric that you just loved but did not purchase?  Then when you went to buy it you could no longer find it?  Not even on Etsy, Ebay, or anywhere?

DH tells me if I want it to go an buy it, but I feel that at times it is not appropriate so I wait until I have worked some extra hours, or it is on sale. 

I have been watching these patterns for a while and decided to take the jump and purchase them when they were on sale from Shabby Fabrics.

This super cute wool and embroidery pattern.

The Happy Trails applique pattern.  I haven't done much applique' but I am sew looking forward to learning and have been picking up some applique' patterns here and there.

I also found this pattern while I was participating in the Fab Shop Hop which I think will put a dent in some of my batik strips.
I also finally broke down also and went and had my Farmer's Wife book  spiral bound.  I went to a local shop which was cheaper than the big "office supply stores", which I think is Fabulous with a capital F since I love to support local businesses. It will make it much easier to use the book, instead of propping it open with a jar, or something heavy, stuff sliding all over, you know what I am talking about.    I am thinking that maybe I should consider taking other favorite quilt books and have them bound this way too.
I am still working on replenishing my fabric basics and I love the black type print on white. 
I also bought some of there basics from Thousands of Bolts.  I found this shop while I was doing a Fab Shop Hop and I will admit that after working in the computer industry maintaining websites it is not my favorite format for shopping. BUT!  They have some wonderful prices and some lovely choices.  I purchased a couple of more black on white, and some white tone on tone.  Also I think that they have the least expensive price for Moda Bella Solids I have seen anywhere, unless you know somewhere less expensive then do share.

Finally I have been seeing these images for Charley Harper who was an American Modern Artists.  I became enamored with his artistic style when I saw a pixellated looking quilt on Pinterest  based on the Charley Harper Goldfinch.  It was LOVE!  I then found out that there was a company that had the rights to produce a line of fabrics based upon Charley Harper prints!  Of course I am always the late comer to the party and most of what I could find was on Etsy or Ebay.  I finally broke down and purchase a couple of yards of the Cardials and Squirrels which I find absolutely adorable. 

Sew as you can see I am helping the economy.

Thank you everyone for the Birthday wishes.  I have been working lots of hours so not much partying but DH told me I could have a birthday week!  Oh and Finn...thanks for the gift of sharing your cold with me!


  1. I have been helping the economy lately, too!

    1000's of bolts does have the best price I have found on Bella solids.

    You picked up some great fabric and patterns! Fun stuff, lady!

  2. I love having my books spiral bound - I do quilt books as well as Bible study books. It just makes life so much easier. :) blessings, marlene


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