Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Pieceful Day

Tuesday was my first day off without anything to do.  DH took care of that.  I had stayed up kind of late the night before and rolled out of bed about 6:45 am.  DH had not made coffee so I started a pot, and he headed out the door early to return the dump truck he had brought home last night full of firewood.

DH at 7:14 AM:  Can you bring me my wallet.
Me:  Where is it?
Me:  Never mind I found it.
Me:  Where are you?
DH:  At work.

OK remember I have not had my first cup of coffee yet and am kind of not firing on all cylinders yet.  Finally at 8 am I get in the car and realize I forgot my wallet.  Back into the house, and out again with my wallet, and  I start heading to town.

DH at 8:15:  Where are you?
Me:  By the steel mill.
DH:  Where is that?
Me:  On Fort Street, at least you told me it was a steel mill at one time.  I will be there in a few minutes.

I pulled into DH work, handed him his wallet and headed home.  I had some sewing to do.

First up. Farmer's wife.

Wedding Ring.  Easy peasy block.  I had actually cut out all the pieces the night before so I got it all put together and decided on which new project I was going to do.

I am doing Basket Case by Allison Harris of Cluck, Cluck, Sew.  I cut my background and chose my fabric strips from a Marcon Bali Pop pack.  I started up with 3 strips sets and finished 1 full block.  In about 1/2 hour. 
I love doing something simple it is kind of instant gratification.
I then switched back to another Farmer's Wife block.
This is my second try.  It was horrendous.  It is called flower garden, why I don't know. Simple pieces but even after trimming, squaring up each block portion as I made them it still ended up a bit wonky.  But after 2 tries this was it. 

Once DH got home I wandered outside to help him move some expanded steel that he was going to cut apart with the cutting torch.  The sheets of steel were about 8 foot long, and were cut in 16 inch sheets.
Here you can see them buried about 12 inches in the ground.  Yep DH dug that all by hand.  It is buried around the chicken run to prevent predators from digging under and into it.  DH found an outside dog kennel which he is going to use to create their yard, with a roof to protect the girls from overhead predators too.  The inside of the run will have chicken wire to prevent the chickens from getting hurt by sticking their heads through the chain link.  But with the chain link it will prevent predators from chewing and tearing through the chicken wire into the run. 

The chickens will have over 216 square foot of outside play area.  Their chicken yard, house and porch will be impressive.
There is a place called "The Corn Palace" in Mitchell, South Dakota.  I think this could almost be called "The Chicken Palace"!
Say Hi and bye girls!


  1. The girls have gotten big! Your DH is making a very fabulous coop! Hope the girls appreciate it and lay lots of eggs in return!

  2. Great looking coop! My homeowner's association would have a cow if I built one of those in my backyard, so I'll just have to settle for living my farm life through you. Beautiful blocks you're working on!

  3. the girls look like they are happy with their new digs. great job hubby!

    love the basket case block

  4. My chickens are jealous !! And Farmers Wife.....tell me about it ! UGH !


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