Sunday, July 6, 2014

Looking for Rain

Not much sewing the last couple of days. What did we do?

We started with an old dog run, and were building around it.  But the neighbor then decided he didn't want the old neighborhood chicken/duck pen on his property anymore and no one in the neighborhood wanted it so they came and told us if we wanted it for the farm we could take it.

We drug it over, and maneuvered it between the garden, garage and the other chicken house with a tractor, some steel pipes and jacks.  Not bad for a couple of old folks.  They even have a nice metal roof!

We got it into place and doh!
The two roof lines would not fit together and neither of us wanted to cut into either roof line.  So the solution?

A chicken tunnel!  With a gangplank. Avast ye slimey chickens.  

I worked on weeding my garden and oh boy I weeded a lot.  I have some tomatoes turning already soon I am going to have  to start getting ready to can. 

I actually jumped in and cooked today.

sweet corn which was grilled

 Baby back ribs which were prepared with a dry rub, baked, then grilled. 

And of course banana bread since my bananas had went a wee bit south this week. 

Finally see the clouds?

I can't decide if I want to water today or not.  According to the forecast we only have about 40% chance of rain.  They keep telling us we will get rain, but it keeps skirting north or south of us.  I know looking at my berry patch they look like they need some water as does the garden.  While not great odds, I am going to play them and not water and hope for rain.  

How was your holiday weekend?


  1. Your chickens are all set now! What a creative idea, a chicken tunnel! Dinner looks wonderful! I am hoping it doesn't rain here, hoping for the Deck Over to cure. No rain till Tuesday afternoon please!

  2. love your tunnel solution. what is that saying? neccessity is the mother of invention? dinner looks scrumptious too. what time should I being dessert? LOL I sewed this weekend too and I could get used to this.

  3. Love your inventiveness using what was given to you to make a wonderful place for the chickens! blessings, marlene

  4. Those are some LUCKY chickens !


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