Friday, July 4, 2014

My Sewing Day?

Welcome to July and a bit of a slower pace:  At least for a few days I think.

Don't you love it when your biggest decision is what free book to choose for the month?  Oh the choices.  I could start reading "The Hunger Games", one of the only times I have ever watched a movie and wanted to read the book.  While I am not always a fan of dystopian literature I did enjoy the movie.  I kept scanning through the free books of Amazon which as a "Prime" member I can get one a month, and I will say I have discovered some wonderful authors.  I have read three books by Steve Robinson featuring his character Jefferson Tayte who solves genealogical mysteries.

I finally chose a book called the Cornish Coast Murder by an author named John Bude which was the pseudonym for Ernest Carpenter Elmore, only to discover that it was actually a precursor to more modern mysteries.  Up until that time many people were afraid to locate their mysteries in small towns with the fear of being sued so most were in large cities.  While finding this author in print is probably near impossible, long before the days of paperbacks, it was decided by the British Library to start to re release some books in e-book form.  I thoroughly enjoyed the book and look forward to finding another. 

I wandered outside and pulled weeds for about 1/2 an hour before coming inside to start my free sewing day!

I did a couple of more of these blocks.

I also prepped eight more of these blocks

Looked up and DH was standing in the doorway. It was only 10 am.  He was on his way back to work after going to pick up parts nearby. I swear he took about 5 years off my life.  

DH left, and the phone rang.  DH again, the lawnmower is fixed and is being returned.  Keep a watch out for it.

I went back to sewing and started to  piece  a Farmer's Wife block.
The block is called Wild Rose and Square.

Finally after a crazy day of people coming and going, and DH calling I decided to throw in the towel  It just was not going to happen.

I picked out some fabric for the Aurifil block of the month and took some time to make it.
Do you think maybe tomorrow will be my day?


  1. Thank you - I've just found some more books to add to my wish list.

  2. I was lucky and locked the sewing room door. didnt even stop for lunch!
    even the cats were kicked out. this is MY time baby! LOL
    got a lot done


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