Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July With a Bang

July is going to be an interesting month, and I think I need to do some stretch goals.

1.  Farmer's Wife blocks.  I only got 4 done last month because it was so busy I would so love to finish up the blocks I have 25 more blocks to do and all of the blocks would be done.  I know that is a pretty strenuous goal but it would be so fun to finish piecing the blocks and decide on the sashing.
2.  Drunkard's Path Quilt I love the pattern, and have so many of the pieces done, but have many more to cut and sew. 
3.  Aurifil Block of the month Still sticking with the red and white theme.
4.  I have an idea and some fabric for the Round Robin.  Found some fabrics but my block so far is measuring at 17 inches UGH!  I may need to do another border to try to even it out and I think it would be a great place to do some applique'. 
5.  Green Tea and Sweet Beans blocks I am kind of stuck with the current block, but I think I figured it out that is what I do some nights when I cannot sleep I contemplate how to build a block which is difficult.   
6.  ?Which New Project Will She Choose?  I would love to start a new project but I am kind of wavering between a basket weave quilt using one of the many Bali pops that I have, a Bento Box using a peacock feather fabric which I have, or starting on a swoon quilt using the Japanese prints, and flower sugar prints that I have.  Decisions, decisions, decisions.

7.  I think it is also time to work on a UFO I just can't quite decide which one. 

I start training for my new job this month, DH favorite tractor show is in a couple of weeks for a long weekend, and the County Fair begins at the end of this month and the tractor pull which is the reason why we go is the 31st.  I think I know how my month is going to be. 


  1. Only 25 more blocks! you are getting close to having those done! I think the applique idea for the round robin sounds great! It sounds like another busy month for you.

  2. You still got a lot done last month. I haven't done any thing the last couple of days with life
    long friend passed away on Sunday , had the funeral today and then when to hospital my aunt had heart surgery today

  3. 25 blocks sounds like a lot, specially with everything else youu have planned. What's the new job by the way?

  4. She's going to be driving a school bus!


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