Saturday, July 5, 2014

Quiet 4th

Fourth of July around our house is very low key.  DH works for a municipality, which means that July 4th is parade day and he works.  What does it mean to me?  Either I can go sit in the sun, along the side of the road or I can stay home and putter around.

I chose the stay home and sew!

Farmer's Wife Blocks

Bat Wing

Friendship Star


Homeward Bound

Wild Geese


Waste Not

I also made 8 more of these.
I also prepped for 10 more. 

DH did not get home until late in the afternoon, after stopping at his mamma's to deliver a hoe, and to hear about the fact that we did not have a party.  OK call me a party pooper, but almost all of the family functions for every holiday are at our house, and I get tired of cleaning, and cooking for two days before a holiday, and cleaning up the day after the holiday.  The majority of the family are elderly, and even though there are two sisters no one else offered to do anything either. 

So what did we do?  We moved another chicken run onto our property.  There was  a pen at the neighbors that was the duck/chicken coop that belongs to the the neighborhood behind our farm.  The problem is that no one had any chickens or ducks in the coop, but never cleaned it up from its heyday and the past couple of years it was a breeding pen for rats, and mice. 

Today the neighbors lawn needs to be mowed, and the pen will be pushed into place, and hopefully the girls run will be ready for outside play!


  1. Well you had a very productive day, and I bet you enjoyed it more than if you had a party to get organised.

  2. looks like you had a party in the sewing room. the best kind! and you dont even have to clean up if you dont want to.
    I too had a productive sewing day and it felt good! loving your basket weave blocks

  3. You really got a lot accomplished! Much more fun than a party where you have to do all the work! We have been working on the deck the last two days and after that I was too tired to even think about sewing.


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