Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Oh my garden has weeds like you would not believe!

I took a few minutes and weeded around the apple blossom verbena.  Love the pink in this plant.
I have volunteer snap dragons and violas, and violets coming up through the weeds.
 I got home after work early one day and changed my clothes and headed outside.  After 1 1/2 hours all the grass and weeds were pulled from my hedge of sticks with leaves.

I know the winter was very brutal on my boxwoods and they have had a lot of dead areas, but one was really bad.  When I was looking through it I discovered that it had been ran over, so there were a bunch of broken branches.  The snowmobiles, their riders and I will be having a conversation if they run through our property  again like they did this past winter.  I am pretty sure that they ran over my bush. 

I then weeded around my roses, and started around the side of the house.  By the time I got partway to the dining room window, I was done for that day.  I had been in the sun for 3 hours and I was hot.

There is a song out with a line which says:
Cottonwood blowing like the snow in July and oh boy our yard looks like it.
Our lot looks like someone had a pillow fight just big  huge clumps of cottonwood fluff all over.

Oh and the dining room where I was quilting on my domestic machine looked as bad as the outdoors.
I am going to assume this is from my quilting and all the fibers sloughing off of the batting while I am pushing and pulling the quilt through the machine, and  not just my total and utter lack of housekeeping skills.  I hope.  I call this picture dust bunny rampage!

I filled the trailer with weeds, from the flower beds, garden, and thistle from the berry patch, and DH was sweet enough to empty my weeds on the burn pile.  That little wagon is about 4 ft by 5 ft and I had it piled high. We are talking about 8 hours worth of weeding. 
I nipped buds, weeded, planted, moved, and replanted.  The butterfly bushes are blooming again, the columbine is on its second set of blooms, the hollyhocks are getting bigger, but still not really taking off.  I also planted spinach, romaine, merlot and salad bowl lettuce maybe it will save it from the bunnies since I planted it in a planter by the house so it is easier to pick and use. 

Forty-Eight hours later and new weeds are starting to rear their heads in my flower beds and I need to get the grass out of the garden, it gets this spikey thing on it that looks like a medieval war implement and they hurt if you happen to brush against them.  They are not burrs I should figure out what they are.


  1. those weeds like to come back dont they? I have been fighting them in my garden too. saw a deer last night eating leaves on my lilac bush. I think he is the one who ate my petunia flowers in front. grrrrrr............

  2. That's the thing about gardening, the weeds just seem to come back bigger and "better" than before. It's a bit like housework, no sooner finished than you need to start again.

  3. Ugh!! Weeds! A never ending battle! Good luck!


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