Saturday, July 12, 2014

Failing to Plan

Have I mentioned how much I despise paper piecing.  Love the results.  Hate the waste. 

I have been procrastinating making this block from Quilter's Cache called the Rolling Star.

I printed the pattern out weeks ago and made sure the template was the correct size.

After my training this week I would putz a bit in my sewing room, and finally committed to making the block. 

I knew what fabrics I wanted and also knew I was unhappy with this block.
So I figured if I took this block apart I might have enough fabric to make at least part of the block.
I started sewing and this is as far as I got.
Then I started to worry.  See the pinkish one?  That is my background fabric for my connector blocks as well as my blocks.  I started out with 3 yards which I thought should be plenty.  But after getting this far on just one quarter of the rolling star I started to panic about the background. 

So I cut a bunch of parts and made a couple of the connector blocks and cut some extra parts for the connector blocks.

I finished up the one quarter.  Finally.  Still not a fan of the waste.  Too small to even get 1 inch squares from.
Made a 2nd quarter of the block and put them together.
To only discover I do not have any more of the orange.  Which really bummed me out big time.  Luckily I found the fabric, it is Robert Kaufman Artisan Geoscapes 3 Crystal Sunburst. I will have to order it. 

This is all I have left, not enough to do another block.  After that tactical error I decided I better make sure I have enough of the green.
Yep I am good there.  Guess I will put it to the side and work on something else for a while. 

Now I am looking for a new monkey wrench block. I am not a fan of this version.  Does anyone have a better version or any suggestions for using a lime green, orange, and my pinky orange background?  The block should finish at 12 inches or 12 1/2 inches with the seam allowances. 


  1. I've just emailed you a picture of another possible Monkey Wrench which I found in EQ7

  2. I am not a paper piecing fan either. I have only done one quilt with that method and not sure I would want to do another. Lucky you were able to find more of the orange fabric!


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