Sunday, July 20, 2014

Barn Finds!

I spent a couple of very busy days this past week.  Unfortunately not a whole lot of sewing.

I cleaned the girls' coop.  Went to the feed store cause those girls can eat! 

Pulled a huge wagon full of thistle out of the gardens, then helped DH till. 

Picked raspberries, and tomatoes. 

Saturday morning we went to the farm auction at the 25th Annual Southeast Michigan Antique Tractor Show.  Nothing spectacular at the auction, a few tractors, some guns, this and that, but then there was a row of things which were from one families barn.  Crocks, an old iron bed, a Hoosier, a couple of old phonographs, some old chairs, cupboards, sideboard,  pots, pans, clothes and this.

 The cabinet actually has the original Singer pulls which are nickel. 

The majority of the time I can identify a machine, just by looking at the tension.  The serial number shows that it was made in 1886.  She isn't a vibrating bobbin, she actually has a flat bobbin, but there is no bobbin case like the other models I have seen.  The treadle even still has some of the gold leaf on the casting under all those years of barn dirt.  Oh did I mention she is a coffin top?

After we got this we came home and the grand kids, and youngest daughter came to help stack wood.  We put up all the split wood that we had which was about 4 cords.  Now we have room to split more. 

We then took the kids.  All 4 of them back to the tractor show.  They saw tractors, played on the playground at the park, and we stayed and watched the fireworks.
Have you ever been to see fireworks where you are only about a football field away from where they are setting them off?  Nothing like living in a small town! 


  1. Sounds like a good busy! I love your new machine! Very pretty decals on it. They set off fireworks in the winter here. You can't see them this time of year.

  2. What a pretty sewing machine. Sure is fancy.

  3. OK, I have to ask (dumb Brit here remember), what is a Hoosier?

  4. The new machine is a beauty! What a wonderful find!

  5. We watched them on the forth from our front porch

  6. What an awesome find ! The flower detail looks perfect !

  7. Such a great find! It's a beautiful machine, but what does "coffin top" mean? We got lucky to be a short distance from fireworks this year, but not as close as you...nice!

  8. What a beautiful machine! I need to find some auctions like that!


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