Thursday, July 17, 2014

Trash or Treasure

DH has been busy at work finding treasures to bring home to me.  Almost on a daily basis there is something that has been reclaimed. 

These two girls are donors because they are so far gone.
Boxes of sewing machine parts including a Kenmore buttonholer?
Chairs, the youngest daughter called dibs on them because a couple of hers for her dining set are cracked.  They sure don't make furniture like they used to. 

Yep there were also some folding chairs which come in hand during family get-togethers.
Desk it has really nice lines, is not broken, or cracked, is well made. 

Sewing machine cabinet drawers- While I do not cotton to destroying a cabinet to use the drawers or legs to make something, sometimes it is all just too far gone. The treadle sewing machine was thrown into the dumpster at DH work, and the wood was completely smashed, the treadle parts broken, but the drawers survived, and the machine was one of the two above which was brought home for donor parts.  I think they may get cleaned up and used for "shadow" type boxes on the wall. 
 I love this sewing machine table.  I can't tell if someone made it into a sewing machine table or it was a table and parts were missing.  Unfortunately the machine was too far gone to fix.  We saved the motor and I love the design of the table I think I am actually going to put a new solid top on it.  I think I would like to use it as a console table. 

A crib spring which DH painted, well John Deere green of course.  It is being used as a trellis for my honeysuckle.

How about an old garden gate?

It has a pretty top and is being used as a trellis for my climbing rose.  DH is to keep a look out for another one for the other rose. My roses are looking a bit iffy, I think they need to be dusted and fertilized. 

DH found these little things lying around where there was a drawer that had broken and spilled its contents at work.
This little wood box is full of needles.
This I have absolutely no idea what it is. 
While not old how about reusing?
A horse trough where there is lettuce, romaine lettuce, and spinach to keep it safe from the predatory bunnies.
 An old wash board, the top is cracked the washboard part is glass.  I think it may go as yard art near my partially buried wash tub which has a new ground cover flower planted to look like it is spilling out. 
 DH repainted this nice little bird bath for the little feathered fiends we have around our house.  We have a little finch which either fell out of its nest or is hurt.  Lately he is living by the garage, but occasionally he wanders over to the deck and sits on the steps and all the other finches come by and sing and chatter at it. 

Speaking of old stuff.

These are Dresden plate blocks which I sewed when I was young, some were sewn by hand, some were sewn on a machine.  The needle that I used was even in the box too.  These blocks were made by me at least 40 years ago. 

Look even way back then I had a thing for gingham! 


  1. Your DH is a good guy to rescue such treasures for you! I am always amazed at what people throw away. Haven't they heard of DONATING? I love to urban recycle (aka leave by my curb) anything that I don't need that someone else can use. Love your Dresden Plates, are you going to resuscitate them?

  2. You have some fun treasures! I have been looking for an old fate for a long time. Still searching.

    I love the springs idea, too! Very clever. =)

  3. nice treasures. love the dresdans. a fun treasure for sure!

  4. Lots of treasures there. I like the rose trellis idea, very clever. Are the Dresdens going to become something?

  5. You and your hubby have a good eye for repurposing those treasures!

  6. So many wonderful treasures! your DH is a great guy for bringing them home for you. I especially like the gate for your roses. I hope he finds another one for you. Are the Dresden blocks going to become a quilt?

  7. Wow are you lucky! Both those Singers can be cleaned up and parts can be found for them easily! Do not use water, use straight Murphy's oil soap for the outside and then wipe clean with sewing machine oil, use Gojo on the insides to clean it! I cannot believe someone would just throw out treadles like that! There might be someone who would buy those drawers from you for a treadle they have that is missing drawers.

  8. i have some of the round neettle cases that was in mother-in-laws treadle
    machine. her hubby put a electric machine but the thing want move, the moter runs but nothing moves

  9. This is all fabulous! I wish I had your good ideas.

  10. WOW! your hubby brings home some really cool stuff! I haven't ever seen a washboard with glass in it. I bought a sewing cabinet drawer at an antique store several years ago. My husband cleaned it up. I now have it sitting on a shelf in my sewing room. I keep my vintage button cards in it. Every once in a while I will just look through the cards for fun.

  11. Everyday is Christmas at your house !


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