Wednesday, July 16, 2014


I was ready to sew!  Really I was.  It was not going to rain until later in the day, everyone was at work, except for me, and after a pretty stressful weekend was looking forward to some sewing time.  But before I decided to sew I was going to work at putting a bit of wood into the woodshed.

I wandered out to the garage, gauged the humidity and decided to check out my flowers and veggies before I started to see how bad the weeds are.  Yep definitely needed to weed, but I also wanted to check my plants.  In my horse trough I finally had some things showing up through the weeds.

Merlot leaf lettuce.
Salad bowl lettuce.
The Romaine I planted has these green and red splashed leaves.
I have more blooms on my honeysuckle.  Oh the scent is lovely.

I decided it was a bit too muggy and there were some raindrops so I was not going to stack wood, and went to close the garage door.  The remote had quit working and the door is pretty light so I just push it up and pull it down.  There is no handle.  I pushed against the door and it came partway down, and stopped.  I grabbed at the seam and tugged a little and it would not budge.  I pulled really hard and it came slamming down with my three fingers on my right hand in the seam.  Oh my it brought tears to my eyes.  I remained calm and pushed the door back up with my left hand and slowly walked into the house to get an ice bag.  I did not even say a curse word.  The fingers hurt, but I can still move them, there is no bruising, waiting to see if the fingernails are damaged which will be yucky! 

I finally wandered in to sew.  It wasn't easy to cut but I did manage to make this block called The Best Friends.  DH says it reminds him of a pineapple. 

I also worked on some connector blocks which you can see here.

They keep saying rain, but I have not seen more than a drop which isn't a whole lot of help to a big thirsty garden, or flower bed.  


  1. Your honeysuckle is gorgeous. I don't know if that grows here. We've had rain for three days in a row. I will send you some. Your block came out great. I am sorry about your smooshed fingers. I can imagine the pain.
    Pugs and kisses,

  2. Oh I am so sorry about your fingers! I'm kind of scared of garage doors for that very reason! The colors on that block does make it look like a pineapple - but I like it!

  3. ouch! that must have hurt. glad I dont have a garage. honeysuckle was my Grams favorite scent. I will have to look into planting some for next years garden. your lettuces look great. bunny thinks mine are too. he has eaten most of it. I got one little salad and I picked them early to get it

  4. Oww, oww, owwwww. Not one naughty word? Really you are obviously made of stronger stuff than me. I'd probably still be whinging and whining about it the next day.

  5. OUCH!! I know that had to hurt! I hope your fingers are better today! How nice to have your 'salad' growing right at your house. I can see why your DH said the block reminded him of a pineapple, I love it!

  6. The lettuce looks yummy. I agree too the block does remind me of a pineapple.


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