Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Celebration of Quilts Part 2

I am a wee bit slow at editing the pictures from the show and making sure I give credit where credit was due.

There were some lovely quilts made from 30's reproductions.

I loved this one.  Maybe it is the red!

I love the story behind this one.  The quilt was started by the quilter's grandmother for her daughter when she was 16 years old.  The grand daughter completed the quilt and will be gifting it to her mother (the original intended recipient) on her 86th birthday.

There were some panel quilts

This one was fun because they had quilted dragonflies into the quilt. 
There were also lots of Christmas type quilts.

And of course I entered 2 quilts.

Quilty Barns at Midway Farm and
My Tropical Shores Tubix.

I am starting to think that my quilts were a bit too modern for many people's tastes.

I have more pictures but am still working on my editing.

I will say I have had some time to do some sewing which is nice, but after a month of quilting I am obviously out of practice.

This is attempt number 2 at the August Aurifil Block of the month.  Yep still not working out well.  Pretty wonky really.  So I tore it apart one more time.

This is much better, still a bit wonky but not as much as the previous two.

I also got one of my blocks for my quilt group which I belong to completed. 
I think it is called the Union Square Variation from Quilter's Cache.  It was nice getting something new to work on.


  1. Thanks for the great show! There are some awesome quilts here, especially yours!

  2. Thank you for the show. I did notice that you seem to be the only "modern" quilter. The others were lovely, but I do find I am really drawn to the modern these days.

  3. Your quilts look like beauties in the show :) I have two of those barns done, would like to make more...maybe this winter.

  4. I enjoyed going to the quilt show with're quilts are beautiful, maybe some change will take place because yours are more modern. You can be like me and shake things up at the guild meetings....I do it with my art quilts and especially the one I did from the Pat Sloan workshop.

  5. Those are some great quilts. Love the cherries quilt.
    Your quilt sure does look good hanging up. I really like how you quilted it.
    You might be right about the modern spin on your quilt when you compare them to the others. But I am sure many people admired your quilt.

  6. Love the quilts, my fave are the Christmas ones. They just can't see your quilts are beautiful


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